Sunday, October 07, 2007

Your lines of future, your present, depend on your connection to the Universal

Essentially, any problem you are having in the present doesn't have much to do with your past, even the thoughts that created it, as much as it has to do with your attitudes toward the Universal.

Only by shutting yourself off, separating yourself from this great Source, can you have any sort of physical ailmant or discomfort. Sure, you can ding the body up, have accidents, stresses - all of these things. But before you can do this, you actually have to separate yourself from your purpose in life and your connection to the Universal.

Now, this may seem a bit strained, perhaps - it certainly goes against what we've been taught all our lives. But when you look up Huna principles, when you look up the lives of mystics, of St. Francis, of Swedenborg - you'll see that when you connect on that plane, all manner of things resolve and sort out. This is the realm of genius, of miracles. And all you have to do is to let go and reconnect.

Let go of what? Your own predetermined suppositions that you are separate, that there is no - or at best a strained - connection between yourself and everything, everyone around you. For that is the Universal - everything. And it's that simple to get your bliss for life back.

Connect on a spiritual basis with everything around you. Look for the good within all that happens to you, everything that is said to you. Reply in kind - in good and supportive statements, in constructive "criticisms", in creative thought. Realize the joy that comes from pure creative thought - that competition with others around you is just separating them from you.

Then you can get on with what you want to do in life, and to the exact degree you connect with everything and everyone around you, you'll speed up your progress toward getting what you really want.

Now your ideas of what you want may (and probably will) change. Once you get that fast car, that ideal mate, what next? You may or may not want some "yogic bliss" which legends say only occurs on mountain tops after long years of self-contemplation. You might just be walking along and all of a sudden get an inspiration. Go with it. Go ahead and change your life.

But it all starts with realizing that you are not separate (so much) from that world around you, that any upset you are having with that world has your part in creating it. Find the good within everything around you - find reasons to smile at the delight you find in every little thing. See how serendipitous occurances find their way into your life - and are probably happening all around you, waiting only for you to open your eyes.

It's your life to live. Be happy in it - on purpose.

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