Monday, June 11, 2007

How to view reality in four ways simultaneously

After I wrote "Go Thunk Yourself, Again!", after the paper it was based on, I thought I was pretty much through with tetrads (or "four-way thunks").

But I found another tool you can use. Very useful for those shaman among us.

In Huna, there are four ways of viewing reality - those things which happen around us, or to us:

1. Objectively - a scientific approach. Nuts and bolts, hard-wired cause and effect. Modern healing is based on the doctor not being the patient or able to affect that patient outside of his drugs and surgical skill. Trees are different from grass are different from people.

2. Subjectively - This way envelopes all those odd "feelings" that something good or bad has or will happen(ed). How you feel about something affects it. When you wash the car it runs better. This is the primary line of argument for "The Secret" and the Law of Attraction. What you feel creates/helps create the world around you through your thoughts. This approach includes all telepathy, clairvoyance, and intuitive states.

3. Symbolically - As Shakespeare said it, "All the world's a dream." Everything in that dream reflects our beliefs and gives us various "reasons" for things. Everything can be interpreted as a symbol for something else. This is the level usually reserved for the shaman or dream-interpreter. Oh, the grass and trees above - they are having their own dreams with you in them...

4. Holistically - you are not separate from everything, but part of everything. This starts to explain how the Quantum Physicist said that the observer changes the experiment by his/her own observation of that experiment. This area includes shape-shifting, where the person is not just empathic for someone/something, but actually becomes that thing and knows what that person/object knows, feels, and thinks. This is the area only wizards, magicians, and shamans have used consistently to gain "miraculous" results.

If you learn all these and are able to use them individually or in combination, you are going to be able to affect change in the world around you more effectively.

Now, as you study the Law of Attraction, you'll see that all of these perception models are present.

Example - you can see that each of these approaches would work in getting more money into your life:

a. Objectively - Read Wattles and Hill. Figure out an exact goal, then the planning you need to achieve this in your life. Hold that goal firmly in front of you with full faith that it has already happened. Carry out those steps and stick to that plan, revising it as necessary to achieve your goal.

b. Subjectively - Change all your thoughts to positive ones by consistently working to only "feel good" in everything you do. Get rid of things in your life (habits, junk, old clothes) that don't make you feel good. In doing this, you then attract things to you which make you feel good. Do and Have only those things which make you feel good (Be).

c. Symbolically - when good things happen to you, take this as a sign you are on the right track. When bad things happen to you, realize that this is an omen to change something in your life - something probably related to that incident. Percieve, decide, and act - that is how to improve your environment.

d. Holistically - if you were to imagine "being" your bank account, go into the electronic counters which say how much money you have and twitch them around to now result in the money you want to appear there. Be your mailbox for awhile and consider how good checks taste compared to bills. Go for a walk and be part of everything you see, hear, feel - any of your senses. Push or encourage sheer abundance in everything around you. Encourage the trees to grow and make better use of their roots and leaves. Help buildings to be firm and strong. Help the wind to settle dust down to the ground where trees and plants can use it as soil. Have all your pets develop lustrous coats and understand their owner's better (and vice-versa).

Those above steps, if you suspend your disbelief, will bring lots of abundance your way - and money is just abundance in paper or electronic form. So just try them, OK?

And if you master these four methods, being able to use any of them singly or in combination, you will be well on your way to having your dreams become your reality (as they in fact already are...).

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