Monday, June 11, 2007

Basics: Fundamentals of Thought

There are three primal forces:

Free Will/Decision,
Universe/God/Aumakua. (All of these have multitudinous names.)

There are two basic Laws, with many corollaries:

Law of Attraction - thought becomes things/you become what you think about, etc.,
Law of Growth - an object in motion remains in motion unless powerfully acted upon (or as affected by a multitude of smaller counter-efforts).

As I find any other basics, I'll let you know. But at this level of understanding, these seem to be the key basics that all operation in this universe boils down to.

Each of these can be applied to smaller and greater wholes. Our own existence (in our precious lifetime) is a combination of the above, as are all subconscious activities. Everything that exists in our physical world is composited of these basics in varying combinations.

And there are microcosms within the macrocosms. Everything can be subdivided - and the actions applied to the overall does not necessarily overrule the subdivision, and vice-versa. So one might heal one's aching back to still have a sprained ankle - all in the search for a healthy, whole body.

In checking my files, I found that a slightly different version of the above is found in my books, Go Thunk Yourself, S'More! and Go Thunk Yourself, Compleat! Different mostly in recognizing two more primal forces.

There can be ample discussion of the above, but this is more a research note for record. (The topic of Free Will has been enticing for generations of philosophers - elevating it to a primal force is perhaps a new concept, perhaps not.)

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