Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Causing an epidemic - the bell curve as an action model

Where you split a bell curve into the various parts (5 below), you will see these same points covered.

After we have the visionaries (Hill, Haanel, Troward, Collier, etc) then you will have the salesmen and marketing experts (Vitale, Proctor, etc) who connect the bulk of humanity with these early innovators.

Early adopters (such as yourself) then become the visionaries which change the world and make these concepts go mainstream (meanwhile living very happy and prosperous lives - which is way beyond the norm).

Eventually, the bulk of humanity "gets a clue" and we see a drop of international tensions and a rise in the quality of living for all humankind.

Tipping Point - Net Version: "Diffusion model: a detailed, academic way of looking at how a contagious idea or 'product' or innovation moves through a population.

1. Innovators: the adventurous ones. Visionaries.
* Connectors, mavens, and salesmen make it possible for innovations to connect with the early adopters. They are translators: they make ideas and information from a highly specialized world and translate them into a language the rest of us can understand. They drop extraneous details and exaggerate other details so that the message itself acquires a deeper meaning.
2. Early adopters: the slightly larger group that is infected by the innovators. Visionaries.
3. Early Majority: the deliberate and the skeptical mass, who would never try anything until the most respected of this group try it first.
4. Late Majority
5. Laggards: the most traditional group that see no urgent reason to change."

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