Friday, January 12, 2007

"The Zone" and how it works

Found I had missed a very subtle point in this 30 day program - something "The Secret" has been telling me right along, an "aha" which has to be personally grasped before it takes hold.

What is commonly called "The Zone" is manner of being, of thought, where everything goes right and incredible stuff can be achieved and acquired.

The trick is that this "Zone" can be developed into a regular habitual operating basis for any individual. And that is what all this personal re-programming is all about. You will have to find for yourself what your Zone is and how it feels. Essentially, just find times when you felt great and then get this feeling again in your present moment. Then get this as a skill to generate those feelings again in present time whenever you need them. You will need to practice changing your attitude at will, which is quite a skill.

Once you are in your own Zone, you can get all the benefits of intuitive understanding which come from this. Everything has a solution and everything is possible for you and yours.

And that is the greatest secret of all.

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