Monday, January 01, 2007

Why you bury your dead

If you've really followed my works, you'll know I was part of a cult for many years on the West Coast. Why I mention them, but not by name, is not for fear of their legal and PR engines. I simply grant them no existence in my own world anymore. This follows the law of attraction, which is far more powerful and positive in effect.

I spent several years to gain closure from that certain organization. In the process, I found a better, simpler way to achieve even greater gains than they advertise. (And far cheaper.) In that investigation and research, I found that particular cult has been imploding for years, losing around 90 percent of its new adherants in the first year or two, and living off a very small minority of people who stick with it. The years I spent there weren't wasted, however. I learned all I could from them and then moved on, once I found that their route dead-ended. That was part of the path I chose.

The point I make here is that, as Jack Canfield mentions in "The Secret" DVD, is that all that has gone before you is "So What." What you do now with your life is what is important. If you don't bury your dead, but constantly keep them on display, you are simply empowering them and so they keep smelling up your parlor. So you really need to just move on with your life.

I had to do a scene of simply throwing away - not re-selling on eBay, which just gives someone else the problem - all connections I had to that organization. I was keeping old books around for later possible research, but realized that they are so far off the mark that I'd never get anything positive out of it. Especially after I found that their founder had access to, but ignored the Law of Attraction.

The result of my own efforts in closure are my self-help books and my continuted promotion of "The Secret" DVD. This whole trip was successful and is very enlightening. It continues to give me new revelations daily. While I've said many times that there are more than one way up the mountain, I have this advice. Start with this DVD and then pick your teachers from there. It might be you buy my self-help books, or you might buy any of those teachers on the DVD. Or you might get any number of books on Amazon or other places.

The only thing you must do is to keep following the path you choose and constantly learn daily. For the Law of Attraction is inexorable and definite. Once you say something doesn't work for you, it will be that way. But as Huna says "effectiveness is the measure of truth", you will only find our for yourself by trying. The mind has certain protections, all based in the fact that anything you've thought up to this point can be undone. Any problem in your life can be eradicated through positive thought and action. You only need keep walking your path to achieve all the gains you've ever dreamed of and more.

And that is just the way it is.

Good Luck and Good Hunting!

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