Saturday, December 30, 2006

After a sabbatical, I'm back at it.

Due to various things I attracted with my family visiting, I dropped listening to "The Secret" DVD soundtrack for a few days this week. One of these things was an illness with severe coughing, a swollen knee (not painful), and an infected eyelid (also not painful). Due to wanting (feeling as I needed) to be with the family, I was often too tired or disinclined to go to my room to listen. And so the above, more or less. Obviously, I was attracting things due to my earlier attitudes.

I did have time to myself daily, when I got up early to feed the cattle we have. Interestingly, being outside would always cure my cough - until I went back inside again. Also, the cough would normally abate somewhat when I went to my room (and put on the soundtrack above). Now a person could say that this was possibly due to the wood stove which heats the house - but this doesn't explain the swollen knee - which could have been from work, or repairs I had been doing...

Bottom line is that while there are all sorts of explanations, the simplist one (Occam's razor) is stress - which came from unresolved attitudes toward each of these family members, not having a completely loving nature which was impervious to any upset.

I'm back on my schedule now and these symptoms are going away. I usually find myself getting over physical scenes in 3 days to under two weeks. And I don't get sick often (count daily physical work outside and wholesome cooking with as fresh as possible fruit, meat, and vegetables).

The interesting point is that I started having some chronic attitude problems a few days ago and then found reason to quit my 30 day program - at least for awhile.

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