Monday, January 15, 2007

Still messing with my mind...

Just keeping track of the various themes which have been running through my mind recently. I've been looking at what my attention goes to and what I am interested in at any given moment. Yes, that's a bit extreme, but I do it by trends. One can shift attention quite rapidly, but mostly people are trained to keep to a given track of thought and action. This is what makes factory work so much fun...

Now in reprogramming your mind (that 30 day intro program I mentioned), you start working with "The Secret" DVD (or similar) to change your chronic attitude to something different, in this case - more positive. In such a fashion, the positive thoughts you have will get more traction - as they aren't constantly pushed aside by negative thinking.

I've started listening to my older MP3's again, which puts Haanel, Hill, Wattles, and Nightingale back into my daily life. I've got the TV turned off (except for Heroes episodes) and so have been getting some better work done. Better in that it is more what I want to do and less distracted by random "stuff" that TV adds to my life.

To that degree, I'm driven. However, I would really just get into all the things which I've created in my visions to occur. This seems to bring some frustration into my life. I've been reviewing these various recordings, as well as scratching my recall to find out the various points which require or encourage action. More frustration is when you get a hint of what you want to do and then can't find the key to getting into that link. Much as Jack Canfield got a hint that he needed a connection to the National Enquirer, but was 6 weeks before he got a reporter showing up to interview him. (And how long before that article was printed I'm sure was a few more weeks...)

Then faith is that key skill to practice and improve on. Joe Vitale says that you need to trust and act on your intuition, your instinct on what you are supposed to be doing. Kinda like trusting your feet when the music moves you - don't worry about how you look, just get out on that dance floor and do your stuff.

The trick is to not get into these feelings of frustration or disappointment, but get used to simply creating the vision in your mind again when such things come in. Get into the positive feelings of what you are manifesting, the gratitude, the exhileration. If you thing (or intuit) that you need more time for certain things in your life, then envision them - add to your vision and expand your thoughts along this line.

Create a new world - the one you always wanted. Start now and continue in your nows from here on out.

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