Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Live from what you like

It took awhile to sort out. I kept having these "down" scenes and didn't understand how or why they were there. Then I suddenly saw that I don't have to worry about anything, particularly. What I simply need to put my attention on is feeling good, doing those things which make me feel good. And then what I attract will be those things which sustain that good feeling.

We aren't talking about hedonist pleasures. There is a discipline to this, responsibility. I don't like cleaning, but I do like clean rooms. I don't like junk lying around and I do like having tools where I can find them. So cleaning can be done by keeping in mind the cleanliness you are creating. Keep your mind on the end result.

Farming has this discipline. I love being outside with fresh air and growing things. The tractor is noisy and needs attention to keep it running good. Plowing and discing for hours isn't the most pleasant work, with that diesel thrumming in your ears despite the ear protectors. But to see that field all green and growing tall with new plants is quite a site. Now someone who loves city life may not get the beauty and peace one can get from a neatly planted field. Statuary in a park setting is pretty close. Ugly asphalt car parks, with cracks, gravel, and faded paint - isn't close at all.

So you have to fill your life with what you want, what you like, what you really like. The world will respond to your likes, what you think about all the time. And your life will be filled with things you like to do, to have. Your achievements will bring you incredible pleasure and joy.

The trick is to find something to smile about whenever you feel down. And only do those things which bring or will bring you joy.

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