Saturday, January 27, 2007

The power within you depends on the power you create within you

Magic, heroic strength, ingenuity, charisma - all these are available in inordinate strength to those who would simply listen to that little voice within and follow your purpose.

Is purpose that powerful? Ask those who have achieved theirs - they number every successful man or woman in history.

What's that little voice? Call it intuition, call it your own guardian angel, call it what you wish. But people who have heard it know its voice. If you haven't heard it, perhaps you simply aren't being quiet enough in your own mind. Seek the Silence, as Haanel calls it.

So are these tools all that is needed? Let's put it this way - they are so under-rated to be ignored by most of "modern society", however as this culture continues to evolve, more people are beginning to listen.

You might be asking - isn't Dr. Worstell going a little arcane here? He's usually so practical. Well, yes, this might be a bit over the edge, compared to what I usually talk about. Here, today, I want to tell you that all those dreams you had as kids about supernatural abilities are very, very possible. Every once in awhile, I get inspired along these lines. In Go Thunk Yourself, Again! (blog) I cover these points sparingly.

You see, a lot of people could be reached by telling of the incredible power latent in everyone of us. The potentialities are astounding. But far more can be reached simply by telling them that things are within reach, such as wealth, health, love, happiness, new cars, better jobs, and so on. Once people find their purpose, and begin listening to that voice within, many avenues will open for them - such that they may have felt before, but perhaps turned these off as they were warned early on about listening to their "imagination".

I'm saying here: go find those old dreams of yours, brush them off, and start living them. Now, today. They are as possible as anything around you. You just have to get those feelings again and believe with your full faith in yourself.

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