Saturday, January 27, 2007

Understanding grows on you - the more you seek it, the greater it gets

Funny thing, something I had worked out years ago came back to me as a vital tool to getting anywhere in life.

If you want to become something, to acquire something, you have to start being responsible. More responsible. That's because you are going to take a stand. The world is going to start to revolve around you. Everything you do and think changes your world. (The Law of Attraction) So you have to decide what kind of world you want. That's being responsible. As well, all the thoughts you make and all the actions you take have consequences. And people will react toward you as you act toward them - that's the Golden Rule, as well as the Law of Cause and Affect.

As you understand and apply what you know, you are more able to improve your own life.

To understand things, you have to look around you to see what the effects you are causing and to see if what you think and what you do actually do cause effects. This is confronting.

You will find that you like certain effects and like creating certain effects. Some things make you happy, others less so. (Some things you may even dislike.) As you move through life, you will find a certain band or group of things makes you happy all the time. If you had all your wishes, you would simply do that full time. Like some people get paid to play baseball. Others like buying and selling houses, or cars, or horses. You have a purpose in life and that is what you say it is. It will be what consistently makes you happy. For some, it's what they've wanted to do since they were a small child.

Those four points - responsibility, understanding, confronting, and purpose - make up what is known in our culture as Ability. These four points interact and interlock. The better they are aligned, the more able you are to have, do, or be anything.

Now, back to what you are doing in life - your purpose. A lot of people say that they would do what they have always liked to do if they could only get paid for it. Let's look that over. Economics is basically exchange. Giving something valuable in order to recieve something valuable. Cash, swap, whatever. Something valuable that you create or produce is called a service. The better service you provide, the more you can ask in return. There are types of service - the more commonly known one is a manufactured good, which is a completed service.

Now if people are going to pay you for your goods, they have to know about them. They have to have information about your service and its quality. This is the basic to promotion and advertising. People are simply learning about your product and how great it is.

The other two points to Economics are widely known: Supply and Demand. Before you go off on some preset concepts, or go all glossy-eyed about these, they are pretty simple. Supply is creating enough goods so that people can have them. Creating just a few may not be enough. Demand is creating want. If you tell people about your service, which is valuable to them, and they know you have a supply for sale, then they will want to get some of their own. (The reason being is that it forwards their purpose - it makes them feel good and accomplish what they've always wanted, or at least take a step in that direction.)

These four points are all part of Economics - Service, Information, Supply, and Demand. If you aren't getting paid as much as you want, then work your job over from these four points. The old reason for raises were to reward improved job performance, not keeping up with inflation. If you do more at work, a better job, and people know about it (facts, not brag), then they will want to ensure you get better rewarded so you stay with that company. But you have to do more and better each year, be more valuable to the company.

You get more valuable and produce a better-quality service by improving your own ability - meaning you have to confront and be responsible for your environment. You have to improve your understanding of your job and be on your own purpose.

That's all their is to making more money - at least the mechanics of it.

Having more money starts with the thought of how much money you want to have.

There you have it - Think Big and Earn Big.

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