Sunday, December 24, 2006

How you create the Universe and how the Universe creates you

Here is a letter I sent to a friend of mine, which may be of help to you in your quests (the real reason, among several, that I blog):

Woke up tonight/this am with a very interesting/lucid dream - along the theme of the Teacher taught by the Student - the story of which is very interesting with an O'Henry twist, but not germane here.

Some time ago, we had a discussion. I was seeking Justice from being wrongly removed from post. You asked me what I was after, I responded, "Truth". You stumped me by replying, "what if the truth is something you don't like?"

I've been traveling some trails, as you've seen through that book. More of my later stuff is on my blogs, which I don't expect anyone to particularly keep up with. So you may want to consult the below with your wife, who has studied things neither of us have had the chance to...

This logic trail goes like this:

The core of Justice is truth.

"Effectiveness is the measure of truth", per Huna and probably some other ancient studies.

Effectivness would be alignment with the Universe.

Man and Universe co-join in a sort of Yin/Yang setup, where the Universe has all this power, but is guided in its action through the input of our Free Will decisions - and otherwise acts/reacts according to existing patterns (habits).

Creation is guided by Love, as is Growth - which we are all doing in this line of work we are in in this Game we play here and now.

The Universe then, is creating only where our input gives it something to do. While it continues to roll along, it doesn't change its patterns except for new recombinations, which we individuals give it. As we fill ourseves with love and positive thoughts/feelings, we are able to create whatever we want in life - which is only alignment with the Universe.

The nature of Free Will is our separation from the Universe, which gives us the capacity for independent thought and reason.

But evolution tells us that we are trying to grok the wider whole and will ultimately lead us to achieving a status of understanding how the universe works and becoming the "universe" (although evolution appears unlimited, so there are an infinite number of upward levels to achieve, so that there is always this yin/yang set-up - as there is always a Greater Power to grok and to achieve, yet there is always the Free Will Student and the inscrutable Teacher learning from this headstrong student at all levels of evolution.)

The conclusion is that we should devote ourselves to having fun, learning while we are here, and to help others out on their own paths as we can, since that is what we would like to happen to us. We evolve faster as we align to the Universe, which means filling ourselves with good feelings on a habitual basis.

So: does this seem to make sense as I state it, or am I missing something?

- - - -

And "therein lies the rub", as the bard was paraphrased.

From here on out, there are many details which can be sorted, many nuances to illustrate.

But the major scene is that outlined above.

I started out looking for a common system and now I've found the seeming bottom line of it. It's a constantly moving, evolving target. (If you think you have problems, consider the Universe, which is constantly working to keep ahead of us...)

Now, the quantum physicist might say that the universe is creating itself ahead of us, and so the above theory is completely valid within the limits of that theory in and of itself.

Bottom line is that this universe is the one we are creating. My yin/yang explanation of the Universe/Free Will set-up is just as valid as any other theory - that "there are multiple paths up the mountain", like that ancient Japanese scholar said.

What we have in this Law of Attraction is a readily available and workable method that anyone can use to improve their existence and quality of life. And any study of comparative religions, economics, politics, science, philosophy, et. al. would be much as having poetry readings at the 50's GreenwichVillage coffee shop - appreciate the variety of quality and content for what it is - not from the critical perspective of how you would do it different or better. (At least this gives me a reason to look at what goes for "modern art" with an idea to attempt to understand it, now. ;) ) Be part of it, not separate from it - and learn, evolve thereby.

Of course, that goes back to my "Ability Formula" and my "four-way thunks" in general.

But all of these books are simply an effort to understand the wider universe and our place in it.

At least the journey has been an interesting one...

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