Sunday, December 24, 2006

How to get a peaceful, effective life

As if I didn't give you enough to think about recently - here's another interesting tidbit.

You get what you give, but you have to give first. This is a generally applicable law (or corollary) that is provable. The Golden Rule is the basis for this.

The best way through life is to find your purpose, which is by letting your purpose find you - simply selecting the things in life which make you feel good.

Feeling good aligns you with the Universe, through the common power and ability to create. As in Huna, "To love is to be happy with."

So: give out stuff constantly which you know makes others feel good and increases the general availability of love in this universe. (You already have too many examples of people seemingly dedicated to enabling the Universe to go to "Hell in a Handbasket", ie. modern mainstream press/media, "religious" extremists/terrorists, most politicians and bureaucrats.)

Obviously (or not) people are going to do best when they are in the action of constantly creating, with a substantial part of this going to "open-handed charity" (meaning one expects no return or even thanks). One's work has to be far in excess in value of what is requested or expected.

Only in this way will one be able to have, do, and be all that one dreams of.

It will take considerable practice, as well as only associating closely with people who share these goals and live them in their personal lives. But it is entirely doable.

“Aim for the stars and maybe you'll reach the sky”

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