Thursday, October 05, 2006

Oddly, a shift in purpose

2nd post is repurposing this blog, at least for now.

I've decided to eat my own dog food and take the plunge I've written in Go Thunk Yourself S'more. Reason being is that this theory is untested - and I can't tell people what to do unless I've tried it all out. And besides, this re-programming will then make the success I wich for.

So this blog will become the daily journal of these effects, while the blog above records the essays I need to write as part of them. For this time, the two blogs are reversed. Once I've gotten through the entire sequence I laid out in that book, then I'll have all the material to finish off that book - and have given all possible readers the material to comment on as I go.

So, I'll see you tomorrow for the first update. Luck to us all.

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