Sunday, May 18, 2014

Heaven or Hell on Earth - Your Choice

It looks like we are already in Heaven or Hell, depending on our own actions.

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We don't have to wait for the various preacher's predictions to come true. Or that the Left Behind are already left. (Here's a fitting Sunday sermon.)

Some simple logic you can look up for yourself:

1) The Kingdom of God is Within You. (Luke 17:21)
2) The World is What You Think It is (Serge Kahili King)
3) As within, so without (The Emerald Tablet - loosely translated)

Meaning that if you feel people are being critical of you, perhaps it was you that cast the first stone? Have you been critical of others in the past? So now do you want them to apologize for being critical of you?

The solution is of course to bless all those who you encounter, and to live in grace Now - letting go of all the old mental habits which may have gotten you into some negative state.

The mental habits which have resulted in a positive state (more peace, simplicity, and ease in your life - as well as prosperity, good health) should be encouraged and re-enforced.

No, you should reject what I say. Unless and until you prove it for yourself, it won't be worth any more than the (digital) words you see.

But it is a way to live in Heaven right now, instead of waiting for it. Or simply continue the Hell-on-Earth which some say is inevitable.

Of course, most of these quotes above are varied, and have different interpretations. So the logic is able to be disputed. If it is true for you, however, then all the world is open to you.
  • For those straw-splitters among us who consider "kingdom of God" and "kingdom of Heaven" to be different, here's a study of this point.
  • That Huna link shows the controversy about the subject.
  • And the Emerald Tablet only still exists in various translations.
The point is that you can decide on the actions you take, the words you send to others.  In that way, you change the world around you into the one you want.

Your choice.
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