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How to Save Your Own Life by "Losing" Friends and Family

Your life is elevated or "ruined" by the friends and family you keep around you.

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Just too simple. People have chronic mindsets. These are based on their own fears - chiefly the fear of death or lack of individuality.

People around you attempt to get you to act like they do, or as they want you to, in order to fit their idea of what archetype they think you should be to make their life make sense. ("Sense" being where logic and emotion meet to enable action.)

"Archetype" is Jungian, and I only know the term through my narrow study of Joseph Campbell's Monomyth works. The key point is that it fits again into the Huna concept that "we are all connected, there are no limits." People can be analyzed against the archetypes which Campbell laid out in his myth-cycle. People around you fit into archetypes for your world-view, you fit into archetypes for theirs.

The people around you fit your own world-view, as you are attracting those into your life by what you are thinking, emitting, out-flowing. Yes, that's the old "Law of Attraction." Like the Golden Rule - one variation of it.

People work to get others to fit into their world-view as directing players on a stage in their script. The tools they use to this are laid out in "Get Your Self Scam Free." It's Cialdini and Levenson, chiefly the last.

Having that situation (and knowing its happening) isn't bad, overall, but sometimes you can get caught up with a person who is simply holding you back from achieving the bliss you want in your life. Everything they do irritates and even upsets you. (Meanwhile, you are irritating them with your thoughts - see how this works?) Keep thinking about that person and they will show up in your life as an active bit-part player. Every time.

Because the bulk of humanity is here only for entertainment, they will never understand you if you tried to explain this to them. Factually, they'd just criticize and make less of anything you said or say - as that is their view and routine handling of the world around them.

(And it doesn't mean just because they are brilliant geniuses, this doesn't apply. It applies in spades to people with a powerful intellect that has been mistrained. You expect them to be smarter than that, but they act stupidly with all their cleverness. Politicians and celebrities, especially.)

They can't accept themselves, and are critical internally as well as externally. (They are also routinely sick.)

The best action is to quietly move these people off your lines permanently.

Some steps (see more in "Freedom Is"):
1. Release daily as part of your regular meditations. Let go of all incidents where someone else tried to enforce approval, control, security, or belongingness on you.
2. When you can get up to it, release the fear of Death and loss of individuality.
3. Bless them and envision a perfect life for them - separate from you. (A vision of this would be seeing them off on a cruise ship leaving the harbor, or a rocket to a luxury Mars colony.)
4. In your day to day affairs, quietly move all your business off their lines. Block them on your social networks, filter them out of your email.
5. Bless them every single time you think of them. If any thought comes in, go to "alpha" and release, then send them off on a one-way luxury cruise again in your mind. Be at peace.

This is the key. If you want to have peace in your life, you have to out-flow peace in all your thoughts, emotion, and actions. People who are not peaceful, you are constantly critical of you and what you are doing (it's in every single communication you have with this type of people) simply need to be with people who match their mindset. So let them go.

Family is slightly different, as there are some times the meetings you can't get out of.

In all cases, you don't respond to their critical remarks with other than peace. The old saying, "If you can't think of anything nice to say, then say nothing at all." Smile and nod. Be always constructive in everything you say and do. Release constantly as a habit of getting through life.

Another suggestion is to move to a rural community where you can more easily pick and choose who you deal with on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, make sure you are eating only healthy food (as little-prepared/processed as possible) and getting sufficient sleep at night. Eliminate or limit anything which acts as a drug on your system. Excess sugar, caffeine, etc. Get regular exercise into your life. Visit with and in Nature regularly.

There is a book I've got on my stack to re-publish and re-market, which is Christian Larson's "Ideal Made Real." His first chapter "How to Begin" gives you key points on how to effectively move over to peaceful living as a way of life.

What this is doing is to move you to a different chronic mindset of your own. I suggest you get more peaceful in your life deliberately, as abundance will show up around you as you are demonstrating peace to everyone you meet or deal with. Abundance works better with Peace.

Try this for yourself. See if what I've said is true for you. Let me know how it goes...

PS. How do you spot these people? Do you feel more peaceful in their presence, in their communications with you, when you think of them? If not, then they need more blessing and releasing until you can be at peace with them or even viewing an email from them. Meanwhile, limit your contact and always hold peace in your mind - even stopping to go to "alpha" and release. Again, release constantly.
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