Monday, May 16, 2011

Life as you knew it is over - but it always has been.

Watching one of these funny tragic end-of-season dramas. Funny because it's based in the most limited concepts possible.

But we've all been there.

Look, any of the various techniques and methods I've discussed here take you completely beyond the tragic ending.

  • Napoleon Hill - "Think and Grow Rich" - the complete method to achieve anything you want, regardless.
  • Levenson's Release Technique - get into an unflappable calm, an "inperturbability" which doesn't quit - ever.
  • Silva Method - through modern meditation techniques, you enter into high planes of intuitional understanding which gives you all answers to any situation. Then just pick the best.
  • Eker's Millionaire Mind Intensive - same results as above, getting rid of fears which hold you back - just do it from the game of making money.
  • Serge Kahili King's Huna (as well as Max Freedom Long) - find out how the universe really works and get all your questions answered on this or any other plane we exist on.

Any and all of these, especially when used in conjunction with each other, can give you any health or life or relationship quality you want. Abundance in everything you touch.

It just really becomes too easy. And I only picked the ones which appealed to me. These all followed on themselves and each lead to the other - most cross over into the others at one point or another. And there are side routes, such as "The Secret" and "switchwords" which really and only compounded solutions and cross-confirmed the others as workable.

The above is the path I've chosen. It probably isn't yours. But you can use any or all of it you want.

All lead beyond fear, beyond body death. And beyond caring what people think or react about you. Because you're too busy helping them make a better success out of their own lives.

You are an immortal being. As all of us. We are simply here to rise higher as we can to becoming Self.

These tragic TV shows which pass for entertainment - might as well watch an empty screen for what good they do. And I'm tired of explaining the motivations and reasons they do what they do. It's not a waste of time, but that's because you are taking other lessons from it than what they give.

Take this hint: learn all the 5 sets of study above. Learn them cold, until you have all the answers to anything and everything. At that point, you get the punchline to the joke you wrote so very long ago. You learn why it is that you've created this individuality you call yourself.

- - - -

I'm just about done working up this spiritual training lineup.

Tonight, I started piecing together the parts of the 4th level, holistic.

That's where I start drawing and publishing my cartoons from. Being the trickster might be a nice mask to wear for a change.

These final notes are just that - and as you've been following right along, it shouldn't be too hard a stretch.

Don't know if this lineup will ever come out as a book. I don't know that it's really necessary. More than likely, it will have to be a book of cartoons.

But I do know that we are in for some very interesting times. End times, actually. Because the world is waking up - and as they do, they waken to a different dream than the one they woke to last time. Like we do every day.

You see, the past is constantly changing in order to help us make sense of our present Now. This is why cops can't ever really piece together what happened from witnesses. Because as the minutes or seconds pass, they change.  This is one datum that no one has really looked at before. And you won't see it until you start operating on the holistic level. Just about the point where time really stops mattering at all.

Best of luck to all of us with our journey(s).

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