Monday, May 16, 2011

Good vs. Bad vs. Ugly

Sorry, but the "news" got to me again. Just more to release and meditate on, I guess.

Getting to higher levels than the one most are "stuck" on tells you instantly that there is no bad or good, just as there is no evil or saintliness.  The world is as perfect or rotten as you consider it to be. Nothing more or less.

As you rise in your own consideration of your own abilities and blessedness, you can see that most of the games being played - and all the "popular" media - revolve around emotional conflicts and controversies. It's all Us vs. Them, or the single individual against the rest of the world.

Even the concept that someone has to "make money" or "earn a living" is pretty much moot as being vital or necessary. Jesus the Christ had no job or income, yet stayed at some of the richest houses in the areas he visited. And he had to refuse many expensive gifts, or allow their giving only to give them away in turn.  Mahatma Gandhi had a similar lifestyle, as did the Buddha. Give it all up and still have everything you could need or want.

So what reason, then, are we watching what passes for "news"?

Right off, I'd say mental bad habits. Or, you're working to help someone else improve and this is part of the background noise of their environment.

The point of this post is to get yourself back to the point where you don't have to accept or reject what the TV and other news media give you. You can let it be - even bless it. And take what lessons you're sending yourself for what they're worth.

Just part of moving from Individual -> Mind -> Universe -> Self.

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