Friday, April 29, 2011

Sorry for all these posts - but when the spirit moves you...

You can imagine that my life is filled to the brim and then some. While these last couple of weeks have been filled with esoteric posts, I have my farm-work and freelance web-design to keep me going. While the farm-work is done every day, regardless, the freelance work is often put off if I've no pressing bills.

Often, I'll come in for a mid-morning coffee and take some time to share what I've discovered out in the fields, woods, and pastures. Today is no different.

If you check the post dates and times recently, you'll see they've come out at irregular moments. That last post was in some early am hours, while the idea came to me just before sleeping. Seems to work out overall. One just has to ask, "And what is this reason I am now suddenly wide awake?" Then do whatever it is that you are inspired to do.

In this am, I am continuing to chew over these shamanic ways (or planes) which I've been studying as part of our spiritual training path.

It came to me simply that Life has a synonym in "Choice".

Another note: the actions in living are giving and receiving. And that is a balance to achieve there. For while anyone can play the game of working to give more than receive, some ancient texts say that the universe tends to give back in an out-of-proportionate manner.

What you are giving is value. And receiving tons of that energy-symbol "money" just allows you to give even more value.  So you can see that this is a rising scale. Properly managed, it would be a continuing exponential scale of benefits to all concerned.

(Consider this post from T. Harv Eker on the necessity of receiving.)

Your financial management is such that you would probably be best in investing in forgivable loans in fishing  and bread-baking lessons rather than simply handing out loaves and fish on a continuing basis. By teaching people to put food on their own table, you are giving them a greater value than simply continuing to hand out food.

Just a handful of successful people doing this would then quickly create a tipping point - provided they trained the people around them to do the same, and training those they helped as well, etc. - which would bring about true world peace in less than a lifetime.

Our modern welfare system and all these laws about minimum-wage have done more to keep people poor (not to mention increasing funds for education which mostly goes into administration salaries and bigger buildings instead of effective training.)

The point is to improve everyone's ability to choose.

Now as you work with these ideas on the subjective, symbolic, and holistic level, things around you tend to take on different meanings - often simultaneously. And in that case, you can simply ask the question: "What is the most effective way to process this information?"  The answer you receive will be one to take action on immediately.  But all of this is a fascinating adventure, regardless.

- -- -

Later today, I hope to publish some notes from these various recordings I've been studying. They should help you speed any work you have in this area.

Last month, I released in my newsletter a video on how you create your day. Using these four ways can enrich your creation intensely.

For instance, if you get a dis-ease (disease), you can look for what lesson to receive from it, what action you should be taking. As well, you can consider that this is not debilitating, but will rather leave you stronger and more able as a result. The adjustments the body is making are necessary to improve the world around you even more. Where their might be pain (and mostly, there is no reason for that), consider that this is communication bridges which are reforming to new and improved patterns. So future interaction with that body part will be only improved performance.

But don't be stuck in working only on the objective plane. Consider what any and every instance means on many levels, then pick the best one (or ones) to act on. Create your day from that, moment by moment.

- - - -

I'll also be sending out this month's newsletter shortly, which should be interesting as usual.


It's back to fencing this am for me. A nice day for it.

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