Friday, April 22, 2011

My Job

My own job is seemingly simple.

And of course, it's logical and timeworn.

It's also completely Self-ish.

I just think that people (especially me) should be able to create the world they want to live in.

This means, logically, that I should be simply working to enable anyone and everyone to re-create their own world exactly the way they would want, need, and like it.

That's because, according to the Golden Rule, anyone won't be able to get what they really want unless they enable others to get it as well. (Like all the millionaires Ray Kroc and Sam Walton made as they built their own successes.)

And how I do depends on how you do.

So I'm here simply to help people find/create their own "road out." And that road is individual, because we are all individuals. That's been our choice throughout this fiction we live in called "time."

This blog, all my books, my websites, every conversation I have with anyone - virtual or actual - is all toward that end. Helping people be, do, and have all they could possibly want to.

It might be your job, too. But your wording of this (like your own mileage) may differ.


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