Sunday, April 24, 2011

More About You, The Universe, and Self

I've been studying along in Huna again, some LaTourette, some Serge Kahili King.

And the LaTourette stuff is interesting, because he uses material in the highest Huna traditions - that of "Effectiveness is the Measure of Truth."  He has trained in NLP, Silva, and Huna - as well as martial arts. And in this, he also studied a great deal about the body's meridians and, on this particular series of video's, covers how you can utilize these to improve the body strength and abilities.

In searching around to verify this data and answer other questions, this went through neuro-vascular points, the meridians, and ultimately to auric fields.

None of this do you have to believe. LaTourette explained these in terms of kinesiology, which mainly deals with muscle-testing and muscle-strength.  So the viewer (and those at the seminar) were able to immediately test the results of what he was saying. Again, he taught in terms of application, of effective use.

But this auric field stuff is what's interesting at this point. Because it backs up this other idea which I blogged about the other day. That one was relating how Daddy Bray thought the 3 parts of humankind were actually metaphor.

My addition to this was not saying (as Max Long and others held) that you needed to go via the subconscious (Ku) to reach the Higher Self (superconscious).

But there's an interesting approach to this that one has to work through that layer of physicality in order to reach the purely spiritual and infinite beyond. While some say you are training the Ku, you would be perhaps just re-learning lessons of dealing with the physical universe in order to enable your inspirations to talk to you more easily.

One point that both Long and King cover is that you can't work with the Ku on a force basis. It has to be loving discipline, much as you would a younger sibling, a child, or a pet.

That of course brings us right back to dealing with this physical universe around us. Sure, you can get some things done with force - but it's limited. The greater effects are created through dealing with Nature and the natural forces already at work.

There is no shortage of energy around us, but there is an apparent scarcity of petroleum which has to be forcibly extracted from far underground, then refined and "cracked" to make gasoline, which is then transported over great distances so that we can put it into our car engines where it is exploded to make our vehicles roll across the ground.

All very violent.

What hasn't been concentrated on is how to take the natural energy around us and work out how to efficiently convert that into the forms we need. There is an almost unlimited amount of earth-energy potential available, for instance. Simply by putting several rods into the ground and connecting them up, you can actually power a considerable amount of equipment with just the DC energy you can tap off. (Google "earth-batteries".)

There are also reports of people being able to communicate across massive distances just by putting posts into the ground and attaching the old-style telephones to them. But all this is pretty much "lost" technology at this point. Just because it could be done for free without towers and carbon-fueled electricity doesn't mean we should study it.

(I am considering a study of this simply as it would eliminate having to charge batteries to keep my cattle's electric fence charger running...)

We are getting a bit off the mark with these illustrations - just showing how we could actually have high quality of life with lower cost if we really wanted it. (Imagine just being able to sell infinite amount of energy and keeping nearly 100% of the profits. What a monopoly - until your secret got out.)

The three selves show that you have to learn how to first talk to your mind (again, with kindness and simple releasing). Then you have to learn to talk with the physical universe, starting with your own body.  Once you master these, then you can start accessing your intuitional states of beingness - which extend from there on out, and aren't physically present in this universe we can directly sense.

But of course, since only 3% of 3% of 3% will actually go that route, this is safe with us. Don't even bother to explain it to people. Go ahead and heal them if you want with all this effective knowledge you have acquired. However, until they start to reach for it and work to apply it to benefit humankind, they'll try to tell you that it doesn't work and you are just another scammer.

Simply smile and nod - and go ahead to heal them as best you can, giving a lot of benefit to everyone you meet - but giving nothing away except those who are ready to be taught.

And if this doesn't make sense to you, well - download it or print it off and put it somewhere that you can find it later. Once you're ready for it. It will show up then.

Luck to us all.

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