Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Imagine your Life

Believe in Leprechauns!
And right off, I have to thank you all for following this small blog and reading these many posts I've placed here over the years. It's because of you that I've picked this up again and started seeing where this road heads - so thank you. Very much.

Because you and I and everyone are very, very special.

That is: if we want it to be.

Now, perhaps like many, I was irritated at the News lately. Yes, I know, I've often said that people shouldn't watch the news. OK, but maybe there was a lesson I still needed to get...

They were talking about all the various disasters which had hit, plus a few wars, and an ever-present problem of a tiny minority plotting to terrorize the rest of the world.

I wasn't irritated at what they were covering as much as HOW they were covering it.

They were going right along with all the various histrionics of crying people and sad, angry, worried views of life and all that. Every single emotion you could use.

Of course, we've gone over here many times about how anyone can get addicted to emotions and let these run their lives. And how to simply release all these and have endless, unfathomable peace.

But the "real world" is simply a thin layer over the actual one. It's much like wiping the early morning dew off the outside of a window in order to see better. That world you now see has always been there - it's just a thin layer of stuff in between.

So this actual works that way with life.

All along, you are surrounded by people telling you how this world "really" works. And this is a world where it's filled with uncertainty and strife and competition.

But then, you can find a very small handful which will tell you how it "actually" works. And they say that you can have certainty, that you can live a life of ease, that you can attract anything and everything you really want - that anything is possible.

My take on this: You'll have to believe in leprichans first.

Because the whole point is creative imagination. Napoleon Hill covered this in his "Think and Grow Rich". And valued it higher than anything else.

This is actually a connection to the Supreme, to the Universal, to Mother Nature herself.

This is the reason that your pets and all animals live serene lives and exist to fill their own niche even though living a life filled with the necessity of death-in-order-to-live.  Pets are there to bring you joy and love. (As are all animals, if you get right down to it - the wild ones have a different way of expressing it.)

Humankind is busy running around finding "meaning" of things and playing all sorts of wild control games on each other. Because they have this very fascinating concept of "Free Will" going on. And that has a side line of keeping everyone separate from each other. And that is the source of our problems, angst, and so on.

Sure, we have several major natural disasters every year. And people need help outside their area to rebuild their lives. Now, imagine how much faster we could rush aid to them if we weren't involved in all these wars around the planet? How much faster would we solve things if we weren't spending tons of money with all sorts of government inefficiency and meddling?

You may know I'm no fan of the fiction government in general. One book I just got handed to me (haven't read much of it yet) simply points out that believing in authority is the first error. (Called "The Most Dangerous Superstition".) But regardless of what you think of that author (Larken Rose), the underlying point is that same one we've been talking about all along.

There is no limit - we are all connected. And - The world is what you think it is.

In other words, listen to your imagination.

It will calm your life down and help you live a fantastic new life.

Because once you start living in harmony with everything around you - when you quit looking for how things are and start looking for how they might be - then the world takes on a completely different hue and aspect.

Just follow the life of some of these miracle-workers who have lived among us. Like Earl Nightingale or his student, Bob Proctor. Both had become rich before they ran into Napoleon Hill. (Like W. Clement Stone.) And they live very rich lives in just helping people out.

And no, the main-scream media won't bring these guys up. Because they are all addicts looking for the crack cocaine that drives their lives.

Start filling your lives with these (add T. Harv Eker to that mix, would you?) and you'll find the one thing they have in common - they believe in themselves and they believe in the potential of every single person around them. They constantly give regardless of getting. And they are all multi-millionaires because of the value they give to others.

Their lives are dedicated to this one, single purpose - to help people anyway they can, so everyone they meet can live the best quality of life possible.

And it's actually easier than all the messes we humans otherwise get involved with.

Pick up their books and recordings fill your life with them. You'll see, as I(finally) did - that common string they all have running through their lives.

Then start living your own life of ease.

As you start imagining that better world around you, and imagining all the better ways life can be lived by those around you - all this will start taking place.

You only have to imagine your better world, then start acting in any way possible to start making that happen. You'll start getting a lot of help in this as you do.

And as usual, it's up to you.

Come - imagine with me.

As Nightingale said in his famous "Strangest Secret" recording, "Start today. You have nothing to lose — but you have your whole life to win."

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