Monday, September 20, 2010

Entertainment Meat Locker


I’m afraid this post might be offensive to some. To others it may be a wake-up call. Still others might find it droll.

Life on this humankind-dominated planet can be compared to a meat locker.

The bottom line to human existence seems to be the fact that most (the vast majority) just want to go along and get along. They will never (and this is by their own design) reach any sort of high point on Maslow’s pyramid. Because they aren’t here to do other than be entertained.

This is people who have no “purpose” in life.

And also applies to people who reach “enlightenment” and then do nothing (many of these who use “Zen” to justify doing nothing to help others as they’ve achieved such a “high state of being”…)

There are a very small minority who are extremely active. And they are thinkers as well. So they resolve tons of problems for themselves and others and humanity. At the same time, there exists another extremely active minority which is creating massive unsolvable problems for themselves and others and humanity. These mostly balance out. (The old Moriarty and Holmes match up.)

Taking that extreme view is also where we find our scammers. They believe that people are no more than stimulus-response animals – and that the entire point is to get theirs first.  (And funnily enough, many of the people like this that I chased up were found to be church-going people…)

But religion has been turned into another form of entertainment. A pacifier for the soul. “Just suck on this when you’re feeling blue…”

Sticking to the main line – the point is that the bulk of humanity is clueless, by their own design.

Take the point that our existence here is of our own creation – our own continuing creation.  And all you’ve read about the “Law of Attraction” is completely true. Anything you think about, you create and attract. The world around you is the sum and total of what you’ve been thinking about up to this point.

And others’ worlds are what they’ve been creating – as an extension of yourself.
Of course, that gives me a complete explanation of what the solution is to this problem. Simply think it.

Realize that you can’t get any valid solution by studying natural systems. Because these are all meant to stay in balance. All of the Nature around us is intended to simply enable us to survive.

Spiritually, survival is a joke. You create survival as an idea in order to have something to think about. Karma and all that are just more thoughts. More justifications for the game you are playing.

We’ve long since passed the point where everyone on this planet could have long, successful, healthy lives. For Western culture, the bulk of any stress in living has been removed. (If you don’t watch “news” or TV in general.) Even politics is driven along this line – that everything balances out and bad laws are modified and repealed or replaced as needed when they prove unworkable. (And knuckle-headed politicians are voted out of office.)

So we can simply work at being entertained from here on out – or we could use these various facts and systems which we have put here in order to change the model we live in.  And achieve a new balance.

People around you are an extension of you. The world is reaction to your action. Don’t look to the world to get your motivation – seek the Silence and inspiration which comes from within (or wherever).

And this, then, finally gives clue to why the bulk of humanity is seeking only entertainment – because that’s stasis, a balanced system. Don’t just yourself by humanity – evaluate yourself by your own thoughts. Follow Descartes, the Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus, any of these characters. Examine your own life by backtracking your own thoughts.

As the Tao, implies, this was another needless writing. Hope you enjoyed it.

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