Sunday, March 22, 2009

The universe is a team activity

Yes, the Universe is a Team Activity -
but you knew this all along...

That old Benjamin Franklin phrase comes to mind, "We must all hang together or surely, we shall all hang separately."

And it's not just the "greenies" or "enviro's" that have a point here. I'm speaking far more pragmatically here.

There's a Universal connection in/with/around all of us. If you want to refer to it as God, that would be fine. This is one concept of the Western Christian view. However, Buddhists and Hindu and even older religions and philosophies essentialy hold the same view, just by different names.

And those who hold this thought and follow it (where do you think genius and inspiration come from?) have the world rise up to them and give them everything they want. True. Read the biographies of the outrageously successful - or books by people who have studied them (like Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich or Law of Success). You'll find that there are just a handful of people who didn't have to study and learn esoteric concepts in order to succeed in anything they wanted. But they did follow a few basic principles regardless.

Dale Carnegie tapped into these same principles when he studied the average, ordinary person who came into his public speaking courses (Ripley's noted that he had critiqued over 150,000 speeches, which I think is also in the Guiness record book.) And his books became bestsellers when he wrote about the basic concepts he tapped into.

That Hill and Carnegie continue to be successes are due more to the caliber of their thinking than the quality of their writing or the foundations which took over their works after they passed.

They both did extensive studies of humankind in the raw. And found that there were simple underlying basics to any person's success.

Teamwork is one of these. We have it in all of us. And all the corporate magnates Hill studied, or the small business entrepreneurs who came to study with Carnegie - they all knew this to be a fact. When people cooperate, they get more done than the same amount of people can do individually.

This is due to an inherent common connection we all share - the Universe.

And while I can go further into tools and approaches and ways to improve your abilities in this area, I'll leave you with this simple beginning approach:
  1. Pray or meditate or simply sit in relaxed silence at least once daily. (3 times is better.)
  2. Just listen when you're in that mode - to your heartbeat, your breathing, the wind. Just listen. Banish all thoughts simply by letting these go - simply relax and let the world fall away. Listen.
  3. Come out of that (after 15 minutes or an hour or however long you can keep it up) and revisit your own purpose - what is it that brings a smile to your face, quickens your step, really sponsors your action on a daily basis. Your purpose is what you would love to do if you didn't have to "work" for a living.
  4. Get the concept of your own ideal scene and really visualize it - get the feelings of having that all around you. These will be calm, cheerful, expectant feelings - because you'll know that this is possible.
  5. Release this to the Universe.
  6. Right about then, or shortly after, you'll get an idea about what you can do to bring this into existence - a small step or a series of them. Write these down somewhere so you can keep track of what you need to do.
  7. And then incorporate those inspired steps into your life somehow. Start acting on them.
When you do these steps daily (like I said 3 times a day is best for our Western world) - you'll start making the improvements in your life that align your own purpose with the Universe around you. You'll be "doing your own thing" and the Universe will be helping you accomplish it. Because we are all in this together and the more we work together, the more we can get done.

Yes, this means real world peace is just around the corner - and an end to any serious food, housing, clothing and security problems currently in this world.

All we each have to do is outlines above (and it will only take about 3 percent of this planet actively doing those 7 steps listed to make major changes).

So: Good Hunting!

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  1. I am going to pass this around, tweet it and share it with our team!

    nicely put,

    I am an old school Dale Carnegie girl and came across this... must be the "Law" of A.


    Karin Hiebert


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