Friday, March 14, 2008

Here's where the social media replace search engines - through direct competition

The Most Useful StumbleUpon Feature You May Not Have Known:

"The way Stumbleupon works is quite different from any other social media site. Normally, every time you click the Stumble! button, you are presented with a web page on one of the topics you specified earlier. However, sometimes this is not enough. Sometimes you want more control over what kind of pages you’d like to browse through for a particular session.

And this is where the search feature of StumbleUpon toolbar comes in. SumbleUpon search feature allows you to surf through web pages on a single topic of your liking for as long as you want.

To enable the search feature, go to Tools > Toolbar Options > Configuration and check the “Show search/tag box” under the options group “Other“.

When you click OK, you’ll have a nice search box sitting just beside the reviews balloon on the toolbar."

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