Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The simplest way to attract wealth - in 6 daily steps.

For all the wandering around people do about getting wealth to show up in their lives, it's really quite simple to achieve. But the hardest thing about it is to do nothing.

That's right - do nothing and it will show up.

Ok, you're thinking I'm off my rocker - and perhaps that's not a true statement. There are some actions you have to take, but they are not strenuous at all.

You must first learn to relax. Not as easy as it seems. But every author of self-help I've run into says that you have to relax, to live a calm and peaceful life in order to succeed. And when you start succeeding, then monetary wealth (as well as other versions of wealth) start flooding into your life.

It's a truth that the world around us is abundant. The only way farming succeeds is that each single seed produces hundreds or thousands more. Animals, depending on their size, produce one or more a year. The only reason our modern cultures have poor is that these people are denying the natural abundance around them.

That denial is what causes their stress. Constantly worrying about bills, constant upset about not having enought - all these can'ts and don'ts and carrying-ons.

The solution to stress is learning to relax.

When you are relaxed, everything seems better - and because your attitude creates the world around you, everything does get better.

That's not any new idea. If you've listened to "The Secret" DVD, you've heard those teachers quote Shakespeare and other older authors saying this same thing. This idea is several places in the Bible - and Jesus himself says many things about this concept through his parables in the Gospels.

If you've had the pleasure of listening to Earl Nightingale's "The Strangest Secret", you'll know how very many different authors he quoted in that gold-selling recording. They all said the same thing in different ways, "Man becomes what he thinks about."

So as you are tense and stress-filled throughout your day, you will react tensely and perhaps critically to those inputs you have coming into your life from day to day. If you are calm and at ease, you can have all sorts of solutions to those various problems and situations which arrive. Perhaps you've been irritable for no good reason lately. You blame it all on something, yet that doesn't make you feel any better.

For myself, I had to change a couple of flats today, on old farm equipment that was well-rusted to boot. The weather was miserable outside, but I was inside a nice, dry barn and lit a fire in the old stove to take the edge off. However, I still had the dirt and small pebbles on the floor to contend with (always get right under where you put your knee). And the light wasn't very good, unless I wanted to open that big door and let then cold wind and rain in.

As this kept up, I wasn't in a very good mood after awhile. The tools weren't in the right place, the jacks wouldn't go low enough - for every solution, there was another problem. Cussing out loud didn't help too much - just scared the pets and livestock.

So I finally got those old tires off (they'll have to wait until after the holidays to get fixed, darn my timing) and put everything away. Then I went back out into the cold to turn off a watering system so it wouldn't freeze tonight - and you would guess that I didn't take the right tools with me and so had to make another trip...

You can see how this day went. After that I came inside and was irritated by about everyone around me - who'd guess that would be the outcome, eh?

Finally, I realized I was just making their lives as miserable as mine, so I went to my room and laid down for awhile, just relaxed.

Just relaxed.

And came up with a simple solution to a problem which had been bugging me for weeks in my business. Of course, this left me in a pleasant state of mind...

Or was I in a pleasant state of mind and then came up with the solution?

Your choice - either way, it was relaxation which helped me find that solution.

This datum keeps coming up. William James wrote about it in his "Gospel of Relaxation", Dr. Norman Vincent Peale mentioned it in his "Power of Positive Thinking", Earl Nightingale prescribed it, saying to live life in a calm and cheerful state of mind at all times. He mentioned other authors, such as Claude Bristol ("Magic of Believing") and Dorothea Brande ("Wake Up and Live"), as well as Napoleon Hill ("Think and Grow Rich", "Law of Success"). Jose Silva - author of the Silva UltraMind System - found relaxation to be key through his own research into the mind and its capabilities.

Older authors, Wallace Wattles ("Science of Getting Rich"), Charles F. Haanel ("Master Key System"), and Thomas Troward ("Edinburgh Lectures") - all these say to enter into a harmonious existence with the universe around you by achieveing a relaxed relationship with that universe. A contemporary of these, most known for his "Optimist's Creed", a Christian Larson ("Ideal Made Real") laid out that relaxation was one of his seven steps to bringing your internal ideal into fruition in the real world around you.

This list just goes on and on.

When you operate in a relaxed frame of mind, things go better for you. Always.

But the trick is to get rid of your worry habits, those tensions which seem to haunt you and are the cause of your stress. It doesn't have to be tricky - but you will have to replace those old habits with a new one, or a new set.

Here's the rundown:
0. Get a place where you can be quiet daily for about half an hour without being disturbed. You are going to do this daily - or at least 5 days out of the week. That is what will create a new habit to replace your old ones.
1. Write down on a small card you can keep with you at all times - something you want to achieve or improve in your life.
2. Go to that quiet place at the same time each day and sit in a comfortable chair - upright, do not slouch or slump. Close your eyes.
3. Relax completely, go through every part of your body from your head to your heels, or vice-versa, and simply relax every part - get the feeling of being completely limp, like a cloth bag.
4. Breathe evenly. Listen to your breathing. Be quiet with it.
5. When you are completely relaxed, get the idea of what you wrote on your card. Get the idea like it surrounds you right now. Get the feelings of whatever you want actually in that room with you - really feel it.
6. If you get negative thoughts, doubts, worries - just say "Cancel" and then go back to really getting how good it would be to have whatever you want. (You may have to say "Cancel" several times, but the important point is to always replace that negative thought with the positive one you want.) You'll get better as you do this daily.

And then the rest of your day - look for indicators that this is actually now occurring for you. You'll see some show up right away, some later - all depending how much you want it, how much you stay at daily relaxing/envisioning.

Now you do this two or three times a day. Figure out your schedule so you can. As you practice, you'll get better and faster at relaxing - as well as better at "seeing" your vision as already happening to you. First thing in the morning, last thing at night, lunchtime...

And what you want will show up - all the wealth, health, personal power that you want.

But the biggest thing is to start relaxing during the day and start working at keeping yourself in a calm and cheerful state all day long - don't let anything get under your skin, just start smiling at them (as William James covered in the reference above) and you'll soon find a reason to smile about.

Relax, stay calm and cheerful - and find your life being an easy one to live, easy to find the wealth that already exists around you.

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