Monday, July 30, 2007

Truly amazed at the resources we all have at our fingertips (so to speak...)

The Universal (or Great Spirit, God, Source, Allah, or by whatever name you call it) is unlimited in scope, but uniquely personal - customised to your own private address, that person you call "me".

If you want to hear "voices", if you want an intuitive/unspoken urge, if you would rather have a running commentary or an imaginary character - the Universal will give you the messages you want in any format you prefer.

And the key to that is "you want". Huna had it solved years ago - as the socratic method, you have to ask the question before you can get an answer. Life isn't some artificial school0room construction, where you are given the answers to the tests you are going to have later. Life is more that you are given the test (which has no right answer) and you then can ask for better solutions to the problem you just faced.

Now we have very interesting approaches, as we can read books (which we attract into our lives) in order to gain from others' problem-solving approaches to their own life situations. So we can potentially gain solutions and store them up against potential problems in our lives.

This is actually a very good reason why people like stories and why philsophers like Jesus of Nazareth told their lessons in parables.

Were Hollywood on the ball, it would put out more G-rated movies with good story lines. Spielburg and Lucas are two directors known for the quality of their stories. JK Rowling, with her "Harry Potter" series, also gives an incredible amount of lessons with her stories. Seek out and find good stories to fill your life with. (Not just random TV shows/"news", or video games.)

This source of data is also unlimited - it will answer anything and everything you ask. The most profitable scene I've heard of (and one example is Dr. Gates' story as retold by Napoleon Hill) Gates would go into a darkened room and simply concentrate on all known aspects of a problem. When he got an answer, he would turn on the light and start writing. Once he had to write for three hours straight to get it all out of his head. And what he wrote defined new technology which hadn't been seen before on this planet.

That is a reason to surround yourself with material in self-help where you are studying self-help - and wish to improve yourself. You then are reinforcing the influences around you which seek to help you change your life into the one you've always wanted it to be.

Similarly, the reasons hermits have shut themselves off from society is moreoften to get the extraneous traffic off their lines so that they can get their thinking done without the distractions of the "modern world". St. Francis of Assisi was one example. Prentice Mulford ("Thoughts are Things") is a more modern one.

However, you don't have to radically change your surroundings to start radically changing your life. You will have to start listening, though.

This brings up the four methods of learning:
  1. Listen - to those "voices in your head", the intuitive ideas you get.
  2. Observe - learn to look at what you are seeing, to confront the world around you.
  3. Analyze - understand things you encounter. Make sense of them.
  4. Bless - be grateful for the world around you and give it love, in all its aspects.
Doing this then gives you a new (and refreshingly new) way of viewing the world around you, and all the interesting messages/lessons coming your way.

Augmenting these with books and tapes from people like Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Charles Haanel, Thomas Troward, Wayne Dyer, Earl Nightingale - and so many others - you then can forge ahead with incredible progress.

And your lessons will be tailored to yourself. Noone will be able to get the same lesson that you do. They will get their own gains according to how they invest themself into the Universe and the world around them.

I'd invite you to take a free ecourse about the Law of Attraction. I've got some more in the queue, but this is the first one for now.

Good luck; good hunting!

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