Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Something you can do to make the world a better place

Pray Peace.

Everyone should take some time daily to pray, meditate, or simply review their own goals. In this time, take a moment to pray peace.

Gregg Braden tells how to do this. You don't have to use words (but do if this helps you). You just get the concept of the emotions connected with peace. World Peace, your own internal peace, peace for someone you know. Just get the idea of peace and how great it feels. Then simply end off and release that thought. (The word "Amen" originally meant just that action.)

Various experiments have been done to use this technique to bring a lower crime rate in Washington DC as well as less violence in the Middle East - using just these techniques. And those experiments were successful and were all proved scientifically.

All people did was to simply sit at a set time and concentrate on the feelings of the effect they wanted to create.

George Noory has also tried this - live on his national radio show - and gotten his listeners to create similar effects.

Let's do this bigger. While all of us want peace, the common thought is that we can't do anything to cause this by ourselves. However, that simply isn't true. The trick is to do this with a LOT of other people. You don't even have to do it all at the same time. You do have to do it daily, even several times a day.

The cumulative effect is what we are looking at.

This am, I woke up to my radio-alarm with some doomsday-type character spouting off all sorts of bad news. Within a few minutes, I was upset and nervous about the future - a condition which isn't native to me. It was listening to this radio guest that gave me the push to change my own feelings.

After I turned it off, I realized that this is also the key to solving things. If a person can get another all upset just because he can say controversial things - then if we worked at it, we could get people in the frame of mind to be peaceful.

What we have to do is simply tell people to "Pray Peace" every chance we get.

Peace is native to every religion on this planet - it is a goal all humankind strives for. If in every single church, synagogue, chapel, mosque, or other meeting place - if everywhere people prayed or meditated, they took a little time of that to pray peace - then we would start seeing it show up around us.

It's that simple. Too simple. And not something you are going to hear on the news, because it isn't controversial.

But it is something we should be doing.

Tell people about it. Put it on your webpages, in your blogs, in every email you send out.

If you look up "pray peace" on any search engine, you will see that there are some very earnest efforts down this line. As we get everyone we can to do this, it will start having its effects. When we get just 3 percent of the population of this planet doing this daily, the effects will be measurable.

Try it for yourself.

Pray Peace.

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  1. Thank You Robert. I woke up 2 days ago to my radio alarm giving news about the latest in Iraq. I thought to myself "Why don't we pray for peace, seriously? How do we organize this?" I guess it wasn't an original idea and that is the good news. Now, excuse me, I have to go pray...
    -Shawn Sauve


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