Monday, March 05, 2007

As there are more than one way up the mountain, not all teachers are in your school

Combining these two ancient phrases compounds the same idea. While there may be a single set of laws the universe runs by, you can combine these in various ways to get the same result.

I have been pushing Hill-Haanel-Wattles as a way to get up that mountain, to achieve what you want in life, to reprogram you schema/theme to whatever you want it to be.

This morning I saw that my book "Secrets Between Your Ears" has three other authors who have an equally valid path. Robert Collier, Dorothea Brande, and Emile Coue have a combined set of instructions which would change your life just as effectively.

More modernly, if you followed Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Oprah Winfrey - you could achieve the same results.

The trick is to keep at it and take control over the inputs which have been telling you how to program your life and what to think. You are a being with infinite possibilities, who has all life open you you. There are no limits to your abilities or your capacity for changing your life.

You can be any success you ever wanted to be or could possibly imagine. You can create miracles with what you know and can learn. All answers to your questions will be provided to you as you ask - if you will only ask.

Consider this second chapter of "The Secret" DVD - "people in the past wanted to keep the secret for themselves...(quote)

This was the exact scene on this planet for so very long. A few philophers (Buddha, Jesus, La0-Tzu, and others) broke free of the mold which has kept people in their own limited patterns. Each of these ended up starting a world-wide movement which continues to this day. And all they stated what what was obvious for them.

These more modern authors I first mentioned, broke the mold again through doing their own research into these philosophers and other ancients and wrote a modern version after they had studied and found the recurring secrets which humankind has continually rediscovered every generation. And within that generation, every person who has done so has found fairly unlimited success, wealth and health for doing so.

Thomas Troward was a key writer in this wave, as he was able to read and study the ancient religions in India all in their native languages. He compared Sanskrit, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, and other writings - distilling what religous men from all these diverse origins had to say about the condition of humankind and what made it so. While his writings are thick and a real tome to study, those who studied him found new insight.

If you compare the lives of Wallace Wattles and Robert Collier, you will find remarkable similarities. Both were in personal straits when they started their studies, both achieved remarakable success by the end of their lives. While Wattles was known for his trio of "Science of" books, Collier was known for both his famous advertising letters and his "Secret of the Ages". But both really delved into the ancient and modern philosphers to come up with the same basic philosphy and system which has been there all this time.

In "Go Thunk Yourself!", I barely scratch the surface, reporting on the tip of an iceberg which has the capacity to change a person's life - just as all these bestselling authors of all time had written in their books. Later in this series, I plumb the extreme depths this floating juggernaut extends to - and find that it is the ocean itself we should be studying.

My own work has been to accumulate these key authors and make them easily available through my bookstore, many just as a free download as I got them (edited for easier reading than straight text files). I put them on a fast server at Lulu so that you could find these and get them for yourself. But as well, I created hardcopy versions of these so that you could have them to hand for frequent study - able to highlight, tab, and/or dogear to your complete satisfaction. I've even put the whole set on a CD so that you can have them to hand on any computer you want. Some are even in MP3 format so you can listen to them on your iPod or podcast player. (As I can, I'll make these available as podcast channels to make this text even more widely available.)

You, then, have much more choice of how you are going to travel through your life toward any goal you may have set.

But you have to take that step.

I have already run into the observation that the bulk of people who start out on this path give up after only a few days of work. And that is how we have been trained and programmed through the ages. But for those who persevere, the rewards are worth all the gold on this planet.

If you want that gold, you are going to have to dig for it.

You are going to have to take one of these programs and stick to it, first for 30 days, then another 30, and then the rest of your life.

Whatever you program into your life is what you are going to make out of it.

That's just the way it is. Whatever you have achieved or acquired in your life to this point, all your abilities, all the fame, infamy, riches, poverty, sublimity, debased states - all these are due to the programming you accepted in your life and how you believed it to be true.

You can reprogram yourself to believe and achieve anything you want. That's the truth.

But you won't find out until you try, and work, and try some more. You have every opportunity to succeed - which is now available to every person on this planet for the first time in history. In this glorious new world we will be creating, it is up to you to take your own place.

And I wish you all this luck in this world to help you in your journey up your mountain.

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