Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why feelings work to straighten out your thoughts

Finally saw tonight why feelings are more accurate in controlling your thoughts and re-programming your mind.

You have, per scientific studies, about 60,000 thoughts (more or less) every day. What is interesting about these thoughts is that they often repeat during the day. You have patterns and habits of thinking. If you can change these patterns, you will change the individual thoughts - as they will start to flow into these new patterns you create.

Thoughts coalesce into themes, larger packages which generate emotional attitudes - called feelings. While it is about as difficult to corral a single thought as it is to herd cats, you can change your feelings wholesale, as William James, Bob Proctor, Dale Carnegie and others relate. You just simply have to start thinking of nice things or just start smiling. Soon your attitude will change to a more positive one. Keep up the smiling or laughing and soon your entire outlook will change.

Now as you change your outlook to a more postive scene, you will bring in the thoughts which correspond to that feeling. Once you get the theme-perspective, then you can start "thunking" in larger formats, whole conceptual phrases at a single glance, rather than incredibly complex one-thought-at-a-time logical analysis.

This is also known as intuition. You simply get a concept and know it to be true - or at least highly probable - regardless of the "facts" of the environment and the people around you. Follow that intuition and you will strengthen this habit. And your life will become "magic". However, if you know the above, it won't really be magic - as you can tell anyone exactly how to do the whole thing. And magic isn't explainable - it really borders on miracles.

Intuition and feelings come up to vision as even a larger whole. When you work as Hill and teachers on "The Secret" tell you - to have a concise statement of your vision and take some time twice daily (at least) to get into the complete feeling of this vision having already taken place - how you feel as you see, hear, touch, and have this scene you want around you - you are actually "thunking" in greater level concepts. The more you get this concept as complete, the more you create this in your mind and get the complete feelings of it, you then start to program this into your subconscious and open channels to intuitive thought to enter your life. By asking for this vision to enter your life, you then are asking for help in solving the situations which crop up between your current scene and your next ideal.

Now you see how the whole system fits together, as well as finding the problem areas in your own life. If your thoughts are scattered, disjointed - you may not have a good concept or plan in your life of what you want to achieve. Sit down and write out what you want to accomplish or achieve or have in your life - no matter how big or small. Twice daily (best just before sleep and just after waking) close your eyes and practice getting this entire scene around you. Keep filling in the details around you as you do this daily. The more complete the scene, the more details (all the senses involved) the faster this will occur around you.

This scene you are envisioning commands your attitudes as you go through the day, which then will organize your thoughts around you. Vision, attitudes, thoughts - these are stacked like a pyramid in your mind. As you work from the top, the bottom takes care of itself, aligning to the whole.

Now you will find that you won't be thinking about your vision only twice daily. As you keep this up, you will find your mind "wandering" to consider your vision, your ideal scene, during the day. This is a great thing to happen in your life. Revel in it. Your day dreams will start taking on the aspect of sorting out the details to your vision. This is intuition at work. Your subconscious is bringing you messages and hints from the Universal about what you should be doing, about possible solutions, about actions you should be taking right now.

This is how you will reprogram your mind around what you really want in life. What you want to have will require you do certain actions, which will need you to be and feel in certain ways in orde to have that thing or scene you want. Have, Do, Be. Once you get the whole scene integrated into your life, your life will become like magic. Anything, ANYTHING is possible. You just have to get your whole self around it and PUSH.

There is some criticism, quite just, about self-help books as they are all affirmation and no action. This is true. If you think great thoughts and then do not act, those thoughts will never take place in the physical universe around you. BUT - if you get the idea, feel the feelings, trust your intuition and ACT on it, then you will see that thought take place right in front of you. Now you know all the secret there is to making any self-help book work.

With this schema: vision, feelings, thought - you can create any world around you, solve any problem in your life, have anything you have ever desired. Truth. But it only works as much as you believe in yourself and your ability. Those who don't believe are also getting what they think - if it is impossible to your way of thinking, you are absolutely right. But consider that something is possible and then you can achieve it.

As "effectivness is the measure of truth", you can (and will) test this for yourself. I urge you to start keeping track of what is happening around you and what thoughts you have had just prior to those incidents. Then track these back to what feelings you have about that incident - how do you feel about that type of thing on a regular basis. Then go back further and see what concept, what vision you have for that part of your life. You'll see that this schema is in place - your vision determines (and is built from) your feelings and those 60,000 thoughts you have daily.

Whatever you want in life is up to you. Just create your vision, feel the feelings, think the thoughts - and have fun at this.

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