Wednesday, February 14, 2007

When you don't want to look in a mirror...

I had someone tell me recently that she didn't want to tell people what their faults were as she didn't want her own pointed out. Fair enough. But under this is an unwillingness to look at one's own faults.

This same person was more easily frightened - afraid of heights, didn't want to learn how to drive big equipment, challenges easily overpowered her self-confidence. Yet, this person was far more capable in many ways than the people she had worked with.

Fear was holding her back from any major successes or improvements in her life. She was still accomplishing a great deal, and knew (at least on an intellectual level) that she was causing things to happen in her life, that while she had always said "things happen for a reason" - she only recently (since listening to "The Secret") had found that she was the reason things were happening for.

A real study of fear (search through Haanel, Hill, Troward, Collier, Brande) and you'll find that it really doesn't exist except that one has been working to separate oneself from the rest of the universe and is withholding one's limitless love and gratitude.

Now this seems pretty complex. Especially if you want to handle something like this in your own life. But it actually isn't that hard. The trick is in that self-programming regimen I advise. When you start out with working to stay positive in all that you do (ala Earl Nightingale) for 30 days, you start defusing the myriad complexes and habits which have kept you afraid for all these years. Your self-confidence builds to new levels, new heights as you continue practicing the constant creation of positive attitudes in your life. Without even addressing any particular fear, many are defused because you are now simply exuding your love and appreciation for the world around you - which dissolves old fears.

After 30 days, your new habits start to bring different items to life (via your subconscious). With your new abilities, you may want to address these as learning situations. Nightmares are some of these. As you wake up, work to relax your body - take several deep breathes and just lay there. Find any tenseness in your body and simply let that go. Relax like you were when you fell into bed. Now, objectively review the dream you just had - go over the sequences of it you remember, playing them back and forth until the any real terror or other non-positive feelings abate and lose their hold. Look over the details of what this dream consisted of. See it any of this reflects on what you had done the day before. See if there is any lesson in this - is there something you don't like to do, some lack of personal integrity, some "stressful" situation you haven't been confronting?

As you go over this dream, you may get tense again - just relax and start playing it again from the start.

Once you get all the details straight, and the associations with your current situation (and any past situations which may be similar and associated) look for lessons in it - solutions which you could do to the current scene and could have done to the past scene.

The final step is to see if you can go back into that dream and change it. This is called lucid dreaming - and is a skill to master. If you can't get back to sleep, then simply play the dream from the beginning and make any needed changes to have it turn out in your favor. Note the reactions from any opponents or that dream environment. Have these reactions turn in your favor. What you are doing here is setting up a new outcome for the dream, but you are also changing your attitude toward the stressful situation in your life.

Huna has an interesting approach called the Garden, which I've covered earlier. By working within that dream environment, you can do just what you would do in this garden. Make the changes that you want. Invite a mentor into your garden and ask him for advice what to do, or even what this means. You may not get a direct answer, or even one that makes sense. But you will always get a reply. Act on this answer within your dream world and then you will get some resolution. As you act in this dream, the world around you will change.

Because "the world is what you think it is."
Because "Man becomes what he thinks about".
Because "thoughts become things."

These phrases all say that the more love, appreciation, and gratitude you exude into and around the world you live in, the less fear and apprehension and stress you will now have in your life.

If you have fears - simply relax, smile, and find something happy to think about. As you practice this, your fears will start decreasing and will at some point all disappear.

A world without fear would be a great thing to have - for anyone and everyone.

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