Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Podcasting can fill your self-programming needs

Another way to get your fix on filling your world with positive influences is through podcasting.

This is no do-it-yourself guide to getting podcasts (at least for now). I use Replay Radio, which also enables me to both record radio shows and also download podcasts. There are also free podcast players which you can find and download.

How to get started is pretty simple. Search for your keywords and add podcast after it. Then look up the "RSS 2.0" feed, copy the link and then paste it into your podcapture program. Adjust the download schedule (make it download during your sleep time) and make sure you have enough space on that hard drive to hold the data.

Another way to do this is to look for your favorite authors (Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale) who have done interviews on people shows. Just search with their name and the word "podcast" after it. If you only want that single show you find, simply download it.

Then you have something which can fill your time when you are on the computer or otherwise away from the TV or other distractions.

There are lots of great shows out there (and a lot of amateur stuff - but that's the process of learning). You should use this data to improve your world and reinforce what you've been studying and re-programming yourself with.

Have fun with this. (I'll write more as I can on this, as it proves out..)

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