Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Woke up with hope on the brain

This "life as theme music" idea is rolling along admirably. I was concerned that I wasn't making progress toward one of my goals, which was to get my cartoon work done. Turns out I had to publish a couple more books. Why? Because they were there.

Essentially, I needed to wrap up an old project I had and also confirm that I've gotten everything I needed from the self-help field now as far as pure research.

The first project was complete and ready to go - putting Hill, Wattles, and Haanel all in one book - called Think, Thank, Thunk. The interesting part of this is that the descriptive prose is more flight-of-mind stuff, not a heavily edited marketing pitch. We'll see how that does. It's a useful volume, or I wouldn't have written/edited it.

The second is how I finally reached an end to the whole Go Thunk Yourself research cycle. Wattles wrote two books right after the Science of Getting Rich. I downloaded these, edited them and formatted the whole as a single book (Getting Rich, Being Well, Being Great). In the process of this, I saw that Wattles simply was writing the same book with different subjects. He has some great new approaches and data, but he is still simply saying the same thing. His 1910 approach is filled with references to God and Jesus, but really is not any different to modern use of the quantum hologram or other ideas. But the key point is that he is simply telling the same story over and over.

And that was the end of my learning curve in this subject. With Go Thunk Yourself, it was the beginning and the end - though I didn't know it. Huna would have told me that, but I couldn't write a book from Huna, as it doesn't have the Western approach people in this continent (and most of the world) are expecting. By editing the Wattles book, I had to hit the brick wall of limits. Sure, I could go on writing and editing this stuff indefinately - there are infinite applications for the subject, since it is in everything we do and feel. But it's not my purpose. That wall I hit was closure.

Sure, I'll be making a book from this blog - but now I'm over into the marketing of everything I've already published, of which my artwork and cartoons will be part and parcel.

That, then, leads me right over into what I've been wanting to do all my life - draw cartoons and make animations. This is one part of my vision, my dreams. I'm making this move with some relief, some faith in what I'm doing - along with a great deal of technical know-how I've been backgrounding all this time. Guess there's been a use for all the details and stuff I've been living all this time.

For instance, those 20 years in a cult have given me a great deal of experience in dealing with all types of people and their cultural backgrounds - as well as giving me comparatives on all sorts of counseling data. That gave me the reason and the background to evaluate and distill what I did in Go Thunk Yourself series. Looked it up the other day and found that I've published 33 books, 19 MP3's and a CD in just a few days over a year from writing the Masters' thesis in early January last year. I'm sure there will be more to come, but for now I'm working on how to get my messages out via cartoons, illustrated books and syndicated strips.

First work out will be getting existing artwork scanned, cleaned up, and put online via DeviantArt. Along this line, I'll get my old children's stories worked up and put online. These will be set up as 20-page brochures, then combined into a book as I amass enough. That will be my publishing scene - put them out individually, collect them up in 20-page color brochures, then collect a dozen of these and put them into large format books.

The trick is to find the outlets for this art. Newspaper syndication is dying off, while the Internet is bringing new opportunities every day. That will be my new syndication scene.

The public I'm looking at is the "What the (Bleep)" crowd, "The Secret" crowd. There is this niche market out there, the people who buy G-rated movies and animations - the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo crowd. They are open to solutions, to learning, to simply good entertainment. If I simply ignore the controversial crowd of "news" media and go with creating great art with compelling stories, I'll be set.

My next few months are going to be stuck into research and development, but then I'll start cranking out some regular work. Of course, as you follow this blog, you'll be kept updated.

Lucky you.

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