Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How's it going? Well, life is simpler...

Since going on my 30-day program, it's gotten a lot easier to live life. Basically, I don't get frustrated nearly as much, and my "temper" seems to be scarcely possible to raise, much less get out of control.

The key has been taking every point of misemotion and finding the lesson behind it. I query myself and look to find what pattern I've been using and what decision or example I used to create that pattern.

Definately, use of "The Secret" as a theoretical base to re-program my mind against has been a godsend. And as I went along, I realized I had been using other recordings to start the process much earlier - before that DVD hit my awareness (before I attracted it). The key was that there has been some knowledge of how this universe functions, as grasped by all these best-selling authors and many others. When you simply boil these down to a simple set of aesthetically rendered bits, you can more readily accept what they are saying. Then you can more easily internalize them.

And that is the secret, really - making the Law of Attraction a personal habit in how you approach life.

Found myself doing this recently. As I approach some sort of stress point - meaning some situation where I habitually turned over control to Fate, or Chance, or "some unknown god of antiquity", I changed this habit. Now when I start feeling that coming into my world, I simply start envisioning how it turns out, instead. When I have a personal doubt or some negative result come into mind, I simply create the positive result and the positive emotion that goes along with it and replace it. That positive result and feeling is always in the past, that it has already happened. And then it does.

That's a great habit to have.

Another is to find the chance, serindipitous, coincidental occurances in my life which are giving me clues to help me with the visions and choices I've made for my life. These are helping me maintain my faith and strengthen it.

An interesting point is that one is laying out these visions much like one is writing a book - as you write down what happened, it occurs. So I too often feel much like Merlin, who lived his life in reverse. But the idea of writing a novel about the live you've led is an interesting one.

Life is good these days.

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