Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Free Will is a double-edged sword

You have any choice you want to make in life. You are able to set up any habit you want, able to experience anything you want.

The trick is that you can do all this for good or for bad. You can set up any bad habit or any good habit you want. You can experience any number of bad things or good effects for almost as long as you wish.

When you go down any road, you have choices of what turns to take (or none), how fast to go, and so on.

You can get into drugs, or porn, or any type of addiction. You can also be extremely genius about things by trusting your intutive insight. So you can become a dead-head or the most extremely powerful and imaginative type of person.

There are no limits to your abilities.

But there are also no limits to your connections with others. As you act, there are interactions with others. How you treat others will also reflect right back on you - but that is just another free choice you have to make.

There have been people down the ages who have told people they haven't had these choices. Most of these have been soundly refuted (if not executed or exiled) in our modern age. If you choose not to make choices, that is up to you. Most people on this planet currently have their decisions more or less on automatic. But that, again, is their choice.

And you can live with these choices, these decisions forever - or at least for the rest of your life. No one will particularly interfere with your choices - unless you are interfering with theirs. Criminals can find their whole lifestyle interfered with when they continue to make bad choices. But for the rest of us, we can make our choices and live with them.

That is what responsibility is all about - confronting and owning up to the decisions you've made, even if they were to make no decision about anything.

Your choice.

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