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The Secret Unauthorized Transcript - Chapter Seven

Following is the seventh chapter of a completely unauthorized partial transcript of "The Secret".

I do this as a public service, not to imping on the commercial value of this DVD. I've found incredible nuggets of data available through this particular DVD. I've separately blogged that people should used this DVD as Bob Proctor recommends - listening to this every day for at least 30 days in order to re-program your thinkining over to continued, habitual use of the Law of Attraction.

This transcript is only a complilation of the subtitles, adding in the quotes which appear on-screen through that DVD. There is no attempt to link the various teachers with their quotes. I've edited this transcript with an eye to readability, keeping similar thoughts together in paragraphs.

Please enjoy and comment as you wish. But buy and give "The Secret" DVD. What this transcript covers has far more meaning when you read it after having listened to this DVD several times.

- - - -

Chapter 7

The Secret to Health

It's important to recognize that our body is really the product of our thoughts. We're beginning to understand, in medical science, the degree to which the nature of thoughts and emotions actually determines the physical substance and structure and function of our bodies. We've known in the healing arts of a placebo effect.

A placebo is something that supposedly has no impact and no effect on the body, like a sugar pill or something. You tell the patient that this is just as effective, and what happens is the placebo has the same effect, if not greater effect, than sometimes the medication that is supposed to be designed for that effect. So they found out that the human mind is the biggest factor in the healing arts. More so than sometimes the medication.

If somebody is in a situation where they're sick, and they have an alternative to try to explore what is in their mind creating it, versus using medicine, if it's an acute situation that could really bring death to them, then obviously the medicine is a wise thing to do while they explore what the mind is about. So you don't want to negate medicine. Every form of healing has a place.

The universe is a masterpiece of abundance, good health, and well-being. When you open yourself to feel the abundance of the universe, you'll experience the wonder, the joy, the bliss. You'll experience all the great things that the universe has for you. Good health, good wealth, good nature.

When you shut yourself off, with negative thoughts, you'll feel the discomfort, you'll feel the aches, you'll feel the pain. you'll feel as if every day is painful to get through. You know people who have had terminal disease.

Stop and think of the word, 'dis-ease'. Hyphenate the word. That's a body that's not at ease. We've got a thousand different diagnosis and diseases out there. They're just the weak link. They're all the result of one thing. Stress.

When you put enough stress on the chain, you put enough stress on the system, and one of the links breaks. Our physiology creates disease to give us feedback, to let us know we have an imbalanced perspective, and we're not loving, and we're not grateful. So the body signs and symptoms are not something terrible.

The question is frequently asked is, 'When a person has manifested a disease in the body temple, or some kind of discomfort in their life, through the power of right thinking can it be turned around?' And the answer is absolutely yes.

On November 23rd I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I truly believed in my heart, with my strong faith, that I was already healed. During the day, all day long, I would just say, 'Thank you for my healing.' On and on and on I went. 'Thank you for my healing.' I believed in my heart I was healed. I saw myself as if cancer was never in my body. One of the things I did to heal myself was to watch very funny movies. That's all we would do is just laugh, laugh, laugh. you can do while you're trying to heal yourself. From the time I was diagnosed, which was November 23rd, to the time I was healed, totally, was approximately three months. And that's without radiation and chemotherapy.

We come with a basic program. It's called self-healing. You get a wound, it grows back together. You get a bacterial infection, the immune system comes and takes care of those bacteria and heals it up. The immune system is made to heal itself.

Dis-ease cannot live in a body that's in a healthy emotional state. Your body is casting off millions of cells every second, and it's creating millions of new cells. In fact literally, parts of our body are replaced every day. Other parts take a few months, other parts a couple of years. But within a few years we have a brand new physical body.

If you have a dis-ease, and you're focusing on it and you're talking to people about it, you're going to create more dis-eased cells. Let the doctor look after the dis-ease.

You have two people, both stricken with something, but one chooses to focus on joy. They choose to live in possibility. They choose to live in hopefulness. They focus on all the reasons why they should be joyful and grateful. Then you have the second person. Same diagnosis, but they choose to focus on the dis-ease. They focus on the pain. They focus on the woe is me. When a person is completely focused on what's wrong and their symptoms, they will perpetuate it. The healing will not occur until they shift their attention from being sick to being well.

Because that's the law of attraction. Happier thoughts lead to essentially a happier biochemistry. A happier, healthier body. Negative thoughts, stress, have been shown to seriously degrade the body and the functioning of the brain, because it's our thoughts and emotions that are continuously reassembling, reorganizing, recreating, our body.

Remove physiological stress from the body, and the body does what it was designed to do. It heals itself.

I've seen kidneys regenerated. I've seen cancer dissolved. I've seen eyesight improve, and come back. I always say that incurable means curable from within. You can change your life, and you can heal yourself.

Well, my story begins on March the 1 0th 1 981 . It really changed my whole life. It was a day I'll never forget. I crashed an airplane. I ended up in the hospital completely paralyzed. My spinal chord was crushed, I broke the first and second cervical vertebrae. My swallowing reflex was destroyed, I couldn't eat or drink, my diaphragm was destroyed, I couldn't breathe. All I could do was blink my eyes. The doctors, of course, said all my life I'd be a vegetable. All I'd do is blink my eyes the rest of my life. That's the picture they saw of me, but it didn't matter what they thought.

The main thing was what I thought, I pictured myself being a normal person again, walking out of that hospital. The only thing I had to work with in the hospital was my mind, and once you have your mind, you can put things back together again. I was hooked to a respirator, and they said I'd never breathe on my own again because my diaphragm was destroyed. But this little voice kept saying to me, 'Breathe deep, breathe deep.' And finally I was weaned from it. They were at a loss for an explanation.

See I could not afford to allow anything to come into my mind that would distract me from my goal and from my vision. Well I'd set the goal to walk out of the hospital on Christmas. That was my goal. Eight months later I walked out of the hospital on my own two feet. They said it couldn't be done. That's a day I will never forget.

For people that are sitting out there right now watching this program that are hurting, if I wanted to sum up my life and sum up for people what they can do in life, I would sum it up this way in six words: 'Man becomes what he thinks about.'

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