Monday, October 09, 2006

Continuing on four steps

Got started on cleaning my room out. Not a lot of progress. Found out I probably have to leave the TV set off and if anything is needed as background, listen to self-help MP3's.

Now, I've created some tools to help me in my memorizing. I got the Summary of the Science of Getting Rich all on one page in two columns. So one can fold it down the center and then concentrate on learning one paragraph, then two, then three, and so on.

I also found a short piece by Serge Kahili King, where he lays out the 7 principles of Huna in a concise fashion.

Both of these I created in Open Office and then exported to PDF, which are linked above.

So now you can have the same tools I use in order to re-program yourself.

I review these in the morning on waking, the afternoon when rising from a nap, and in the evening before turning out the lights.

- - - -

On other points, I had a dog go missing yesterday - simply went off to visit the neighbors and didn't return all day. I utilized that principle of Dr. Peale's from my first self-help book and concieved the dog back in its favorite resting place (a chair on the front porch) and also reviewed and filled my mind with the positive emotions connected with that dog being there - which comes from the same book chapter, and is covered in greater detail in the original thesis. (See Braden, et al.)

Anyway, as I was filling up both dog dishes this morning (we have two dogs) with their food, here comes the missing dog - all happy and tail-wagging and hungry for breakfast.

This stuff works if you are willing to try it and suspend disbelief while you do.

- - - -

A side note - I've taken the Student Manual offlines from my self-help bookstore as it had far too many errors in it - I had rushed far too fast in getting it uploaded. But rest assured, I'll get those minor errors fixed as fast as I can and the book back up for use shortly. You'll need a copy in order to follow along, though you can compile a set for yourself from various downloads:

  1. Science of Getting Rich - the summary
  2. Think and Grow Rich - the 6 point steps (or you can buy the book below from Amazon)
  3. Haanel's Master Key System - entire thing (you can also get it free from the separate pages I've posted starting here.
  4. The 7 Principles of Huna - as I provided above.

The essence of the Student Manual program is to memorize 1), do the 6 steps of 2), complete all 24 lessons of 3), and then memorize 4). But I wrote and compiled the Student Manual so that you have all of it in one place, along with wide margins for writing notes in as well as extra space so that Haanel's lessons can be used as lessons again. It also has a spiral binding so that you can fold it over on itself to save desk space and be more manageable.

More later...

update: 10/15 - Student Manual is back again, updated and ready for purchase. (Sorry, no downloads - I've already given you what you need to write it yourself; all those references are available through my bookstore.

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