Thursday, May 19, 2011

Who the Hero Really Is

Vogler covers in his "Writer's Journey" that the hero always has a missing part, a "fatal flaw" which needs rectifying. Something lacking.

And if I haven't exposed this fiction before - here it is: You are already whole, complete, and perfect. Any game you are playing was created simply ignoring your own abilities, talents, and knowledge.

This is what makes self-help and success so easy. If it seems difficult, it's because you've made it that way.

The logic behind this is pretty simple as well. I first ran into it in LaTourette's version of Silva Ultramind. And then it showed up in Hale Dwoskin's material on Levenson's Release Technique.

You are rising to Self. But you already are Self. And the Master Gardener in Huna, the Advisor in Silva's Mental Laboratory, Hill's "Invisible Counselors" - they are all you. They are just "masks" you wear in order to have a metaphor you can readily understand and use.

You are already Self. Your journey is simply getting rid of the barriers you set up so many, many, many years ago as part of creating this nice little individuality you carry around. This is how you "identify" yourself.

And of course, that is the real explanation for why "psychic" talents such as telepathy, "akashic records", and stories of instant healing and superhuman strength in emergencies exist. You are simply letting your own light shine. You are just talking directly to you - temporarily pulling out all the stops.

So the game from here on out is how fast you can let you in on what you already know.

Techniques like Releasing work, because you are dropping the old programs you created which keep you from knowing what you need. (And is why releasing needs to be developed into an always-on habit.) Silva Method allows you to "go to level" quickly and bypass the various blocks you put in place so you couldn't know something - and their 3-finger technique allows you do assume state this near instantly.

Vogler tells this as the reason all these archetypes exist in a story as characters - they are all bringing or supplying something the hero is lacking. They all have lessons the hero must learn to be complete.

This then bridges the symbolic (3rd) level over to the holistic (4th) level. When you look for the lessons and archetypes in the world around you, then you can simply get the lessons Self is trying to tell you.

And by simply being everything, every person, every mineral, every waft of etheric vapor -  you then become whole.

As you become more whole, you become more Self. And that's where holistic bridges over.

Now, since you already know everything about everything, you aren't stuck operating at any single level. You can use techniques from every level to sort out whatever is in front of you. The levels themselves are just metaphors - ways to organize data into segments so they can be more easily understood.

That is also why I've assigned material to various levels, saying that you are just going to go over and over these until you "get it". But any material can be applied on any level. Because all these levels really exist simultaneously, not as a linear path - but you can consider them this way if you like.

The most consistent advice I've heard from people who have collected the best and most workable techniques (Dwoskin, Levenson, Eker, among others) is to "not believe a word I say." Prove it for yourself. If it doesn't work, then simply move on.

An individual has set up various (and multitudinously infinite amounts of) programs which keep that individuality intact. By definition, they each have unique programs which maintain that individuality. You could say that no one else has the exact same pattern. Otherwise, they wouldn't be individuals. (No Duh...)

So your path will be your own, and different from anyone else's. The metaphor-concepts I've covered in this blog continue to be the broad strokes. Because you have to fill in the details.

And it's all part of rising back up to Self - who will tell you all these details if you simply sit still, relax, and open up to the lessons which are always there, always incoming. Just accept this idea that you already know the solutions to any problem or situation you are facing. Then pick the most optimal one which does the greatest good for you and everyone concerned.

Keep that idea as a new habit and you'll find all sorts of people, books, recordings, events - all entering into your life to tell you and remind you how great you are, how perfect you have always been.

The next step is believing them. Believe. Be.

- - - -

You may wonder why so many of these posts are in the early am. If you've studied Silva Method, you'll see this is because I'm just waking up from the delta wavelength of sleep and have trained myself to study my dreams to get the lessons they contain. And more frequently than not, I'm then urged to get up and blog about it so you can share these. Look it up under "Glass of Water" technique.

My own variation on this was from Huna. There, the answer you got depends on the question you ask. So you want to keep in mind as you go to bed that you will know the question you have to ask as well as the answer. Then drink half of that glass of water. When you rise and drink the other half, it all becomes obvious.

But that technique is just a crutch until you can do it on your own.

The next step is to be able to access those questions and answers anytime during the day. And then life becomes a great deal of fun, since it speeds up immensely.

Living on all four levels at once is much more fulfilling than just one. You look forward to playing the game of what lessons you can get today and how Self is sending them to you. Great fun.

Best to you and yours this day and from here on out.

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