Friday, April 27, 2007

You are what you study...

I've been continuing to research and find my way through various books. Most of these, particularly if they are any good, I then edit and re-publish for your benefit - so you can have the key texts I've found and not have to wade through them all to duplicate my years of study.

While I sometimes doubt that I'm still on the mark, that the trail hasn't run cold - I then find a real gem.

Such is the case with "The Magic of Believing" by Claude M. Bristol. I was referred to this book by Earl Nightingale's "Strangest Secret", who mentioned it obliquely as a book to study.

While I don't agree with all the points in this book, some paragraphs caught my attention as they showed what my own research had dragged me through:

"Apparently I was born with a huge bump of curiosity, for I have always had an insatiable yearning to seek answers and explanations. This quest has taken me to many strange places, brought to light many peculiar cases, and caused me to read every book I could get my hands on dealing with religions, cults, and physical and mental sciences. I have read literally thousands of books on modern psychology, metaphysics, ancient magic, Voodoo, Yoga, Theosophy, Christian Science, Unity, Truth, New Thought, Couéism, and many others dealing with what I call "Mind Stuff," as well as the philosophies and teachings of great masters of the past.

"Many were nonsensical, others strange, and many very profound. Gradually I discovered that a golden thread runs through all the teachings and makes them work for those who sincerely accept and apply them, and that thread can be named in the single word belief. It is this same element or factor—belief—that causes people to be cured through mental healing, enables others to climb high the ladder of success, and gets phenomenal results for all who accept it. Why belief works miracles is something that cannot be satisfactorily explained; but have no doubt that there's genuine magic in believing. 'The magic of believing' became a phrase around which my thoughts steadily revolved."

I've continued to find more and more data which supports a single, underlying system of thought (and belief) which actually runs this universe - or at least describes how it runs. The more you believe in this system, the more you put it your faith in it to the test, the better and stronger and louder it works.

The quantum physicists have long tested and held as true their own theories that the observer is part of the experiment - that Mind is part of every action and reaction on this planet. What you want to happen (or resist happening) is what happens. Your own skepticism might be valid, but practically it is only holding you back from experiencing the full result.

But I don't blame anyone for testing the water with your toe before jumping in.

There are abilities and talents latent in all of us which we only have to believe in (or suspend disbelief) in order to have them show up. Just amazing stuff is out there - and all the steps to get to that new level are there and will be shown to you if you only ask.

I long ago held that I would finish writing at some point, as there really was no more to be written that is original or relevatory. I now posit that I've actually passed that point a while back and am simply continuing to research and unearth/republish old texts as a method of polishing up a simple system that anyone can get their wits around and improve themselves.

Bristol's book is one such stone in that foundation. No, I don't agree with everything he says - it conflicts in points with Troward and Wattles on certain points. But on the other hand, I can see how he got there and also can tell you how you can achieve those results for yourself.

Just because I don't agree with everything I've studied and offered in every book I've published doesn't mean that it isn't true for that author and any reader who comes along. I've studied and read and practiced enough to be able to tell you that anything is possible. That if you want to learn to do anything - that path will be made open to you.

The system works, regardless. And it works to the degree you believe in it, in yourself. Only to that degree.

There's another book I'm writing, apparently unrelated to the Go Thunk Yourself series - but not actually. It sprung from my own disbelieving, my own self-critical thoughts about this area, my own skepticism. It will take apart everything I know and understand to be true - as typified by "The Secret" - and show both how its a farce and how it is gospel. Yes, both at the same time.

For every coin has two sides (and an edge) that you can view it by.

And that is where I leave you at this point.

Yes, I have quite some more work to do. And the work drives itself and me to complete it - but in a fuzzy logic sort of fashion. I'll get these last two books out and all the various re-publishings I "need" to do, then (hopefully) get out of your way and let you get on with your own studies.

For that's the point of all of this: provide you a guidebook which tells you where the paths start which lead up the mountain.

You have to make your own choices, your own decisions. If you stop part way and rest - that's your option. I'm not going to tell you that there is only one true path. I'll tell you that whatever you want to find, you will. You just have to trust yourself and the Universe.

In our day and age (as in any), that's a tough proposition. All these authors say so.

And what you will get at the top is your own choice. It depends a great deal on the path you took to get there. But whatever your choices, you'll wind up with harmony and the greatest peace you've ever known.

Yet as you look around you, you'll see another mountain off in the distance...

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