Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We are all connected - but how far does this go?

Some thoughts on this. Every thought you have, every action you take - these affect the whole, much as the proverbial butterfly's wing movement results in a storm an ocean away. Now before you change the channel - consider that as people can make you upset, you can cheer people up. This is the practical scene I'm talking about.

On the metaphysical, one could talk about the quantum fields and the possibility that time isn't flowing anywhere - only our memories keep stacking up. The future never actually arrives - but we can change the Now to achieve that future we would like.

As I write this, I'm listening to Wayne Dyer, who relates the story of his search for his deceased father. His father had left his mother before she had returned from the hospital with then new-born Wayne. When he finally found his father's gravesite, he had an epiphany of sorts - culminating with his complete forgiveness of his father and sending him love. Wayne says that now, when he talks about this time, his father's presence is with him.

As I farm, I can feel not only my own father (who passed a couple years ago), but also his father - and I can get advice from them (and are often the butt of their friendly amusement at some of my learning). But there are also others I have access to, others who have walked this earth in eons past - this same land I drag my tractor and implements over, or just walk with my staff and accompanied by my dogs.

So there is that connection, which is all around us. The quantum physicist can explain these situations and musings far more accurate - as science begins to meld with metaphysics in order to explain the hitherto unexplained. For me, I am happy to have these elders with me.

Try it yourself. Listen to the voices around you. Let me know what you find.

A Modern View: THE HUNA PRINCIPLES: "The next principle that comes from the first one is KALA. Kala, which says, There are no limits. Meaning that we are all connected. Each one of us is connected, mind and body, spirit and man, earth and plants and animals and clouds and sky and ocean. We are all one, we are all connected together.

Now Kala also says that separation is an illusion, but that because we can create our own reality with our thoughts, we sometimes create a sense, a belief in separation. And that as we believe we are separate, we create sickness. When the mind is separate from the body, when we think these two are separate, then in that way we create sickness. When the body, our body, ourselves are separate from the people around us, when we create that kind of separation in our thoughts and our feelings, then there is sickness in our relationships. When we feel we are separate from the earth, that the earth is a thing outside of us, then we get sick, and so does the earth. But Kala says that there is really, underneath all of that sense of separation, a real oneness. And that if we can get rid of those ideas and feelings and acts and behaviors and thoughts of separation, that oneness comes together. That connection is made again, we become healthy and whole within ourselves and with the world around us. This is Kala -- it is"

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