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FIRE-WALKING (including all fire immunity) and instant healing make very good starting points for an explanation of the ancient Polynesian or pre-Egyptian lore called "The Secret", or, in Hawaiian, Huna.

There is nothing at all mysterious in bare feet or in glowing coals, hot stones or hot lava flows. There is nothing mysterious in a broken bone or a cancer. Our materials are open to examination. The feet may be examined after contact with the fire in fire-walks. The broken bone or the cancerous tissue which has been instantly healed remains simple bone and tissue.

Let us first consider a few cases of fire-walking, keeping in mind two questions, (1) What god - is prayed to get fire-immunity, and (2) what form of "purification from sin", if any, is necessary before one can fire-walk?


Kuda Bux fire-walked in 1936 before the University of London Council for Psychical Research. He was a native of India, of the Mohammedan faith. Before his demonstration he closed his eyes, raised a hand, and recited a prayer from the Koran.

In Burma, where a gentleman took motion pictures of mass fire-walking in which some natives were badly burned but many were unscathed, years of fasting and other purifying practices were the preparation for the feat

In the Philippines the Igorotes have for centuries done admirable fire-walking. A group of them came to Seattle and performed almost daily at a fair. These people used to be famous for head hunting as well as fire-walking.

In Polynesia, fire-walking is done after offering a ritual prayer to a "native god." Dr. Hill, of the University of Southern California reports seeing a young white man try to fire-walk on the same hot stones after the natives were finished. He prayed to his God, concentrated his thoughts, and started across. A dog fight broke out beside the pit and distracted his at tention for a moment. In that moment he jerked up a foot, which later, showed a large blister, but continued the fire-walk successfully to the end.

A white man who is a professional entertainer, eats live coals, drinks down boiling water, grips red-hot iron bars in his teeth and bends the ends up and down, also lets the iron-cutting flame of a welding torch play repeatedly on the inside of his mouth and throat. He says he is conscious of an invisible entity or spirit presiding over fire, and that he makes a mental request for protection which is instantly granted.

At Palm Springs a few years ago a desert Indian lad took large coals from a fire and held them in his hands, holding them out to tourists in the audience and challenging them to take the coals offered them. Little is known of the preparations made by the fire-handlers of Indian tribes, but they also have their prayers, rites and gods.

In Hawaii, up to the year 1900, fire-walking was done on overflows of molten lava as soon as they were cooled sufficiently to hold the weight of large stones thrown on them. Dr. Brigham fire-walked successfully over such a lava bed under the protection of three native priests or kahunas. He refused to remove his heavy boots and during the passage over the lava these were burned from his feet, as were his two pairs of heavy socks. These natives prayed to some god, but Dr. Brigham could not learn about its nature. Outwardly it was the goddess of the volcanoes, Pele, about whom native legends continue to collect even today.

If instant healing had been known only in Hawaii, no matter how carefully it had been studied and verified there by Dr. Brigham and others, there might he some excuse for those who make a flat denial of such a possibility. But, since another and far better known scientist, Dr. Alexis Carrel, has added his verification In his book, Man the Unknown, there is no longer justification for any denial of the basic fact that instant healing is possible. It was brought about in Hawaii by the kahunas and is still being brought about by mysterious agencies at sacred shrines in various parts of the world.

As all roads once led to Rome, so all indications point to the existence of one basic system behind this phenomenon, and to the undeniable fact that it is a workable system.

Instant healing cannot be repeated over and over on the same broken bone or cancer, therefore the patient has no chance to become practiced in his part, as does the fire-walker for whom the gods perform a similar magic, over and over, upon request. Instant healing, while similar in its mechanisms, is rare. It is best studied in cases in which a definite part of the body is healed. Casual ills may be suspected of just happening to disappear of their own accord.


The best instances of instant or miraculous healing have been verified and studied at the shrine at Lourdes, France. Typical cases are those of the healing of spinal deformities or cancerous tissues. The healing may be instant or may take up to three days. Prayer has usually been addressed to God or Christ or the patron saint of the shrine. The person healed may not be praying for his or her own healing at the time, but someone in the vicinity is thought to be always at prayer at the instant of healing. Various preparations by. way of "purification from sin" are made by the patients as a rule.

In Hawaii the kahunas did healing instantly in some cases. Dr. Brigham observed two cases of instant healing. Broken bones were roughly set and a muttered prayer made.

The patient was then declared healed and immediately could use the injured limb. J.A.K. Combs of Honolulu, observed the use. of similar methods when his wife's kahuna grandmother healed a compound fracture of the ankle in this way. The patient was a native man, very kindly and well liked, but very drunk at the time of the in jury and during the healing, which was accomplished within a few minutes of the accident. (He had stepped from a standing automobile into a ditch filled with very soft sand.)

In the Hawaiian cases there was sometimes instant healing accomplished with no preparation of the patient, although in cases of long-standing illness purification rites were almost always used as a preliminary.

We may sum up by saying that no particular "god" has to be prayed to. No particular religious beliefs are needed. The ideas of what makes a sin may vary, as may the degrees of effort to gain purification. Or in some instances purification is not necessary. Also, moral values are a matter of geography as seen in the case of the headhunting fire-walkers.

While we are not ready just yet to go into the matter of "purification from sin," it may be noted that the only "sin" recognized by Huna is that of hurting another unjustly. The kindly Hawaiian had imbibed too freely at the beach party but had hurt no one and was not found in need of purification. The healings accredited to Jesus are not at all incredible in the light of Huna. Sometimes he forgave the sins of the ones about healed and sometimes he did not.


Three things are involved In the mechanism of instant healing, add fire-walking, as described in Huna:

1. Some intelligence wise enough to bring about the healing or temperature changes when requested to do so.

2. Some force or power to be used in making the changes.

3. The substances which are changed in the healing process.

Also the substances which are involved in the making and offering of the prayer. The three are the basic triad; Mind-Force-Matter.

There are nine elements in man, in the Huna system, with the human physical body to make a tenth. MIND IS DIVIDED INTO A TRIAD OF THREE GRADES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. FORCE IS DIVIDED INTO A TRIAD OF THREE VOLTAGES OF FORCE. MATTER IS DIVIDED INTO A TRIAD OF THREE DENSITIES OF A CERTAIN KIND OF THIN MATTER. The concept is simple and well ordered.


We cannot use an effort of will or even hypnotic suggestion to the subconscious to cause fire im munity or instant healing, so we must look for a Higher Consciousness which is wiser and more powerful than we are. Immediately we think of God.

But this answer needs more understanding of the nature of God than most of us possess. Let us examine the god-concept of the reconstructed HUNA.

We begin with the idea that our minds are unable to grasp the true nature of God. The ancient kahunas said He was a triune being and that between Him and man were several grades of Conscious Beings. The grade of beings just a step above man were so difficult. to imagine and understand that ef forts to understand still higher levels were given up as hopeless. It was thought that, if mankind needed to have contact with the still higher levels, the closer gods would see to it that the higher gods were properly approached. That simplifies rnatters greatly. Now we can consider what has been learned about the beings in the level just above ours. By this we mean beings able to use a form of thinking or mentation next in line of superiority to ours.

SEEING INTO THE FUTURE Is something we can try to do hours on end and fail to do. Our hypnotized subjects cannot do it upon order. But often the future is glimpsed by hypnotized subjects, by normal waking persons or in our dreams. Seeing into the future is not our ability, it is an ability of the god just above us. It has some mysterious way of seeing into the future, and it gives us our premonitions, dreams and visions at unpredictable times, never directly to the Uhane mind but by way of the Unihipili. (These two parts of mind are not permanently united but are separate entities, as we shall see in due time.)

MAKING THE FUTURE is another activity assigned to the Conscious Beings just above our level. The ancients called these Beings the Aumakuas. In psychology we may call them the Superconscious. A good term is Aumakua. Considered as a combined community of spirits or entities, they can be our Christ Consciousness or Universal Mind (Man is a trinity composed of three "selves" or spirits, the Unihipili self, the Uhane self and the Aumakua self.) The FUTURE is seen in Huna to be constructed by the Aumakua. It lays out the main points in the life of the individual of which it is a part. But the day-to-day future is built by taking the thoughts, hopes, fears and plans of the lower two selves the Unihipili and Uhane, and using them as figurative "seeds" from which to grow the events of our tomorrows. We have FREE WILL in so far as we are allowed to think what we will, get into trouble, and do quite as we please in furnishing the materials which go (as if automatically) to make our future conditions and life events. This answers the problem of free will and predestination. Except for the determination of the long-term events of our lives, such as birth and race and place, we exercise free will.

INSTANT HEALING is obtained by deciding that we want a future in which we are not ill but healed. If we ask the Aumakua to heal a broken bone instantly, and it is done, we can say that the Aumakua changed the future instantly for us in so far as having a broken bone is concerned. We may say the same of fire-walking. There are other things involved in such matters, of course, but the point to be made here is that we, as FREE AGENTS, must decide what we want, and hold that decision, as the initial step in getting help from the Aumakua. (This applies to the

HEALING OF PURSE AND CIRCUMSTANCES ALSO, a branch of healing even more important than bodily healing.)

THE FORM OF MENTATION used by the Aumakua includes ability to see that part of the futureWHICH HAS BEEN CRYSTALLIZED OR BUILT for nation or man. There is much of the future of the individual created from day to day and changed from day to day as we change our plans and thoughts, so the UN-CRYSTALLIZED or un-built part of the future cannot be seen. The past can be seen. Things at a distance can be seen. The Aumakua seems not to be hampered by what we call "reason" or "rnemory," which are the forms of mentation used by the Unihipili and Uhane. We, as middle or Uhane-mind selves, cannot understand a form of mentation higher than our own. We can only observe the things the Aumakua is able to do with its superior form of thinking ability, then draw what conclusions we may. God is unknowable to us. The Aumakua can be known in part. It is much like the relation between a man and his dog. The man looks after the dog and plans the "musts" in the dog’s life and activities. But the dog can do as he pleases for the most part. He may get into trouble, and then, if he is smart, run to his master for help. The master understands his dog. The dog knows a lot about his master, but because he has only a dog mind, many of the activities and purposes of the master must remain mysteries. This dog-master relation is also a good illustration of the relation of the Unihipili self to the Uhane self.


We have seen that the Aumakua is the element of consciousness involved in instant healing and fire-immunity. Let us now consider the force it uses.

IN HUNA ALL THINGS ARE TRIUNE. There is always (1) a conscious being using (2) a force or power, to work with, (3) some form of matter, be it dense or etheric.

VITAL FORCE IS THE FORCE USED BY THE AUMAKUA. the triune man has three voltages of this electro-vital force. In the laboratory we have measured vital force in the body. It is of the three to four million volt level. Similar force is found in the brain, but its voltage has been stepped up a million volts to the next higher level. The Aumakua does not live in the body with the Unihipili and Uhane selves and so has not had its voltage of vital force recognized as yet by laboratory men. Huna recognizes three levels, grades, or voltages of vital force, a voltage for each of the three selves or entities. The voltage used by the Aumakua is higher than that used as "hypnotic will" by the Uhane self, so must fall in the five to six million or "atom smashing" range.

ATOM SMASHING voltages of electro-vital force, used by the Aumakua, are considered to be the answer to how heat is controlled in fire-walking, or both heat and cold are regulated when the material substances in a bone break are DISSOLVED TO ETHERIC FORM AND THEN RE-SOLIDIFIED as an unbroken bone.

APPORTS in spiritualistic seances are produced by thinning out the substance of the object or living thing, then transporting it to some other place and re-solidifying the materials. Spirits of the dead are able to get the aid of their Aumakua to produce apports and the phenomena of "transportation, levitation, materialization," etc. The spirits of the dead are no more able to sense and recognize and understand the Aumakua than we, the living, are. They have tried to explain the phenomena which they are instrumental in producing, but their guesses do not agree. (In learning to use the Huna system it is to be expected that we, the living, will work with the Aumakua and produce such phenomena without the necessity of depending on the dead.)

The VITAL FORCE is made in quantity on the earth level. Plants have It. Animals and men generate it from the foods they use. The Unihipili self in the body generates and uses the LOW VOLTAGE OF VITAL FORCE. This level of force is taken by the Uhane self and its voltage stepped up to the MIDDLE VOLTAGE OF VITAL FORCE which is used as the "will" to control the Unihipili. The Aumakua draws vital force from the body and steps its voltages up to the HIGH VOLTAGE OF VITAL FORCE to use in instant healing and other things.


We have seen the grade of consciousness and the voltage of vital force Involved in fire-immunity and instant healing. Now we come to the third element of the triad, MATTER.

There are two grades of matter or substance to be considered. First there is the substance in a broken bone or a diseased or deformed portion of the body. This is the easily understood matter which is dissolved into invisible etheric form and re-solidified as normal or "healed" bodily portions.

The second grade of matter is that thin etheric substance of which bodies are made for ghosts. Everything has a thin, shadowy body which is a MOLD OF EVERY MICROSCOPIC PART OF IT. Each of the three selves has a shadowy body. Consciousness and vital force cannot work without material, so even the Aumakua has to have a body, even if it be but an etheric one.

During life the low and middle selves interpenetrate the gross physical body with their shadowy bodies. At death the shadowy bodies are withdrawn and lived in on "the other side." The Aumakua lives in its shadowy body all the time, never entering the physical body, but often touching it, especially during sleep. The halo above the heads of the saints in old paintings represented the Aumakua hovering over the saint in its shadowy body.

THE SUBSTANCE OF WHICH THE SHADOWY BODIES ARE MADE is ideal for the storage of supplies of vital force. It also is a perfect conductor, The spirits of the dead can take vital force from the living and store it in their shadowy bodies. With it they produce psychic phenomena of limited kinds, g. moving tables.

The SHADOWY BODY OF THE UNIHIPILI is a mold of every tissue of the physical body. This mold can be withdrawn almost completely from the body for a time without the materials of the tissues beginning to disintegrate. THIS MOLD is not tightly filled. It has no fixed form but can be stretched, elongated or made a different size. IT IS UNBREAKABLE. A bone may break but not the shadowy body part that is the mold of that broken part. Cancerous tissues may invade the shadowy mold but not change it. SO, THE PROCESS OF INSTANT HEALING IS ONE IN WHICH THE MOLD IS EMPTIED OF BROKEN OR DISEASED TISSUES AND IS REFILLED WITH BASIC SUBSTANCES TO CONFORM TO THE UNINJURED MOLD.

It may be added that the Aumakua can do many other things. It can, either directly, or through its associates of its high level, exercise control over weather conditions or over animal, insect or plant life. We cannot understand just how this control is exerted, but we can observe results obtained, which is, for practical purposes, fairly satisfactory. The kahuna of the Berber tribe known to W. R. Stewart, stated that, according to tribal history, the Great Pyramid in Egypt had been built by her kahuna ancestors. They got Higher Selves and associates of that level to cut the stone and transport it into place in the pyramid structure. Stone of a similar perfect cutting and placing is to be seen in Mexico and places farther south. While we have no way to verify statements such as those of the Berber kahuna, we know from the finding of modern Psychic Science that similar performances on a smaller scale are possible. Parts of stones have been used as apports, the parts being cut off with no seeming difficulty. The cut is not a break but leaves a smooth and sometimes almost polished surface.

- - - -

by Max Freedom Long

published in 1945 and out of print since 1949

This excerpt brought to you by the "Go Thunk Yourself(TM)" Self-Help Series.

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