Tuesday, August 19, 2008

9 Authors who have changed your life

There are 9 bestselling authors who continually sell and have changed your life.

You may or may not know their names - but someone you know has read their books and applied them to get incredible success, wealth, happiness, health - anything you could want, they have used the data in these books to find them.

Someone you know has read these authors and has changed their lives. And you look up to them or have been influenced by their own success.

These 7 authors comprise a personal development bible of sorts - composed of their books.

How to get inspired answers.

Here's how you would use them to take yourself to whatever heights you want, to achieve or acquire anything - anything at all - that you really want.

First, get copies of their books. This can be in any version, since they are all found in the public domain these days. I'd suggest you get the physical books, although you can also use digital versions.

Second, choose one book at random.

Third. in that book, choose a random point and start reading until you have an "AHA!" moment. This is where you suddenly have an insight on something you are doing, working at, or some way you have been acting.

Fourth, get a yellow pad and start writing down your inspired idea. Write down everything about it and don't stop until you've got it all down.

Fifth, put that plan into action - merge it into what you are already doing.

That's really the simplicity of it all. As you keep doing this, you will continue to refine your own purpose in life and the plan you are following to get it fulfilled.

It's just too simple. But it works - every time.

The 7 authors and their books.

Here's those authors and their bestsellers:
  1. Napoleon Hill - "Think and Grow Rich", which was based on his 17 Volume "Law of Success" (Get both books.)
  2. Wallace Wattles - "Science of Getting Rich"
  3. Charles F. Hannel - "Master Key System"
  4. Genevieve Behrend - "Your Invisible Power"
  5. Dorothea Brande - "Wake Up and Live!"
  6. Robert Collier - "Secrets of the Ages"
  7. Claude M. Bristol - "Magic of Believing"
If you have the time to read all of these, you'll find (as I did) that they keep repeating the same basic data, although they give their own personal views of how this data applies to them and to people around them. You also get their distinct applications - how you can apply these into your own life, simply and easily.

I make no apologies for their writing styles or their influences.

I do tell you to keep an open mind as you read these. There are incredible data you are going to find for yourself that can make fantastic changes in your life if you let them.

A high-tech way to get inspired answers.

1. Get audio versions of these books and put them into an MP3 player or MP3-capable CD player.
2. Set this machine to play at random.
3. Play it in the background and keep your yellow pad to hand.
4. When you get that flash of inspiration - stop the recording and start writing.
5. When you finish writing, implement that new idea and it's plan into what you already have going.

Don't worry if you seem to find new things when you listen to these tapes. When you get an inspired moment, you tend to focus on that new idea and so quit receiving external inputs like listening or reading. What you should be doing at that point is writing down this inspired idea - so turn off that tape and bookmark that page so you have time to write it all down.

When do you do all this?

Probably you'd best be doing this at a set time daily - I like first thing in the morning, but it can be any time. If you are busy on your work - getting your plan done - then maybe you should do it at night when you're done for the day.

But you should do this daily and always keep your yellow pad to hand for the inspirations which strike you out of the blue.

And all the world's riches will become available to you...


Give it a try.

Update (9/27/08)

I would add:

Dale Carnegie: "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
Earl Nightingale: "The Strangest Secret"

Brings it up to nine.

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